Sanskrit Manuscripts : Hiraṇyasaptaka, Khaḍgapūjāvidhi

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>These are the first few folios of a seemingly multi-text palm-leaf manuscript most probably from the 12th century. The opening text is the little-known <i>Hiraṇyasaptaka</i>, a Buddhist ritualistic treatise which claims to belong to the <i>vāriśāstra</i> (?). It consist of sixteen parts with seven stanzas each, viz. <i>nidāna-</i>, <i>jāti-</i>, <i>doṣa-</i>, <i>guṇa-</i>, <i>liṅga-</i>, <i>prārambha-</i>, <i>praṇāla-</i>, <i>pramāna-</i>(sic!), <i>droṇa-</i>, <i>khāta-</i>, <i>digvārā-</i>, <i>maṇḍala-</i>, <i>mantra-</i>, <i>kriyā-</i>, <i>ārāma-</i> and <i>phala-saptaka</i>. The second text, of which only half a folio remains, has been identified by Bendall as the <i>Khaḍgapūjāvidhi</i>, a weapon worship manual (see <a target='_blank' class='externalLink' href=''>Add.1706.1</a>). "The colophon itself is dated 311 NS, but a second subscription in Newari, probably referring to a recitation [...]" is recorded in the manuscript. "The date corresponds to February 10th, 1454 (Petech 1984: 173)".</p>

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