Sassoon Journals : Journal, 26 Nov. 1917-May 1918

Sassoon Journals

<p>The volume is a ruled notebook (with 'Palestine' scratched on upper cover) and mostly comprises diary entries written at Litherland, Limerick, Egypt and Palestine. Contents include:</p> <p>Diary entries:</p> <ul> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(5);return false;'>2r-3r</a>. mentioning his protest against the continuation of the war</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(9);return false;'>4r</a>. on being posted to Limerick</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(16);return false;'>7v-8r</a>, <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(40);return false;'>19v-20r</a>. mentioning [Robert] Graves and Craiglockhart</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(24);return false;'>11v</a>. on being posted to Egypt, with list of points for and against this</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(60);return false;'>29v</a>. his arrival at base camp, Kantara</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(62);return false;'>30v</a>. Sassoon posted to 25th RWF [destined for Palestine]</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(108);return false;'>53v-56v</a>. entries written on board SS Malwa on the return journey to France</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(117);return false;'>58r-59v</a>. entry concerning [Dr W.H.R.] Rivers and Craiglockhart</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(120);return false;'>59v</a>. entry concerning Lord Kitchener</li> </ul> <br /> <p>Drafts of poetry:</p> <ul> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(11);return false;'>5r</a>. 'A Moment of Waking'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(13);return false;'>6r</a>. 'Journey's End'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(14);return false;'>6v-7r</a>. 'In Barrack's'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(18);return false;'>8v</a>. & <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(98);return false;'>48v</a>. 'Shadows'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(19);return false;'>9r</a>. 'To the Unknown Spirit', later called 'Idyll'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(20);return false;'>9v-10v</a>. 'On the Arras Road', later called 'The Dream'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(22);return false;'>10v-11r</a>. 'Dead Musicians'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(28);return false;'>13v</a>. 'Together'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(29);return false;'>14r</a>. 'The Contest', later called 'The Noble Art'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(30);return false;'>14v-15r</a>. 'Prelude in the Gateway', later called 'Beginnings'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(32);return false;'>15v</a>. 'Memory'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(37);return false;'>18r</a>. 'Après le Guerre (To O.M.)'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(38);return false;'>18v</a>. 'Remorse'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(76);return false;'>37v-38r</a>. untitled, begins 'We pitch our tents among the rock built slopes'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(83);return false;'>41r</a>. & <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(119);return false;'>59r</a>. untitled, later called 'In Palestine'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(121);return false;'>60r</a>. 'Flamingoes' (sic)</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(128);return false;'>63v-64r</a>. 'Dawn near Brindisi', first draft erased</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(130);return false;'>64v-66r</a>. 'The Journey', one draft largely erased</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(136);return false;'>68v</a>. 'Strombos Horns'</li> </ul> <br /> <p>Sketches and doodles:</p> <ul> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(47);return false;'>23r</a>. 'Birdless Idyll', showing olive trees and sky</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(48);return false;'>23v</a>. Cypress trees and a church</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(49);return false;'>24r</a>. a castle</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(141);return false;'>65v-66r</a>. human or angel figures, one double faced</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(123);return false;'>61r</a>. preparatory sketch for a water colour of a hilly landscape with trees</li> </ul> <br /> <p>Quotations:</p> <ul> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(111);return false;'>55r</a>. John Lydgate, begins 'Tarry no longer'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(120);return false;'>59v</a>. reporting gossip</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(129);return false;'>64r</a>. Father Paul Bull, 'Peace and War'</li> </ul> <br /> <p>Other:</p> <ul> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(4);return false;'>1v</a>. a list of days spent hunting during 1917-1918</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(12);return false;'>5v</a>. lists of books taken away 'To Egypt' and 'Take up the Line'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(122);return false;'>60v</a>. a list of 'Birds seen in Judea'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(134);return false;'>66v-69v</a>. notes from military briefing meetings in part entitled 'Duties of Company Gas N[on-]C[ommissioned] O[fficer]' and including notes on supervised practice drills</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(127);return false;'>62r-63r</a>. lists of members of his ?section under headings such as 'Scouts' and 'N[on-]C[ommissioned] O[fficer]s'</li> <li> <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(133);return false;'>70r</a>. acquaintances' contact details</li> </ul> <br /> <p>N.B. After folio <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(125);return false;'>62r</a> entries resume from the back of the notebook. There are no loose enclosures or detached folios. The foliation is the archivist's.</p>

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