Sassoon Journals : 'Poems: by Siegfried Sassoon 1916' and 'Poems: 1917-18' : 76r

Sassoon Journals

Notebook comprising fair copies, with some revisions, of 'Poems: by Siegfried Sassoon 1916' and 'Poems: 1917-18' (including some earlier poems dated 1908-1915). It appears to be Sassoon's own collection of his war poetry. The first poems in each section are numbered and some pages have been torn out by Sassoon, leaving an incomplete sequence; later poems are unnumbered. Many are dated, with details of their publication sometimes given. Contents:

'Poems: by Siegfried Sassoon 1916': 1v-69r. Includes:

'Poems: 1917-18': 69v-93r. Includes:

Entries continue from the back of the notebook, running from folio 99-94

N.B. Sassoon used this notebook from both ends. Enclosures are to be found in separate envelopes. The foliation is the archivist's.

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