Darwin-Hooker Letters : Letter from Hooker, J. D. to Darwin, C. R. on 14 Dec 1862 : 83r

'Hooker, J. D.'

Darwin-Hooker Letters

On Asa Gray's letter; has written why he avoids alluding to the war. Has read Max Müller see 3752 – last part unphilosophical. On Darwin's pigeon example, long-beaked and short-beaked pigeons must be either sterile or not inter se. There is 'no such thing as Equality – hence no such thing as chance and Nat. Sel. is the sword of Damocles hanging over your head if you make a slip in your premisses.' Has read note on Lythrum sent several weeks ago. Its consequences are of most prolific order to Darwin's doctrine. Kew has no wild gooseberries. Hooker praises the Saturday Review reply 14 (1862): 589 to the Duke of Argyll's bitter review of Orchids 'The supernatural', Edinburgh Rev. 116 (1862): 378–97.

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