Darwin-Hooker Letters : Letter from Darwin, C. R. to Hooker, J. D. on 10–12 Nov 1862 : 1r

'Darwin, C. R.'

Darwin-Hooker Letters

So Hooker did write the Gardeners' Chronicle review of Orchids! Darwin guessed it from the little slap at R. Brown. Dawson's lecture has nothing new. Absurd to assume Greenland under water during whole of glacial period. Suggests absence of certain plants in Greenland due to seeds not surviving in sea-water. Suggests an experiment on vitality in sea-water of plants that might be in Greenland. Is more willing to admit a Norway–Greenland land connection than most other cases. Urges Hooker to warn Tyndall on his glacial theory of valleys in Switzerland. Is working on cultivated plants.

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