Sanskrit Manuscripts : A Digest of Tantric and devotional texts


Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>A modern manuscript containing various texts, written by several different hands. Many folios are missing, and some of the exant ones are badly damaged. Moreover, all folios are severely worn on the left side, with the result that foliation is lost in most of them (originally each work had his own indipendent foliation). The folios in the manuscript are completely jumbled, but, due to the loss of the foliation, their original arrangement can be restored only through a study of the texts. For this reason, in the trascriptions below the foliation is given according to the current order of the folios; whenever the original foliation is retained, it has been added in brackets. <p>Among the texts included in the manuscript are the <i>Virūpākṣapañcāśiti</i> (see under Marginalia), the <i>Devīmāhātmya</i> (or <i>Durgasaptaśatī</i>) with its ancillary texts (see incipit in folio 4r and explicit in folio 46v), and the <i>Cidvilāsastavaḥ</i> (see explicit in folio 35v), this last being a Śrīvidyā work ascribed to Amṛtānandanātha (also known as Amṛtānandayogī), the author of the <i>Yoginīhṛdayadīpikā</i> and <i>Ṣaṭtriṃśattattvasaṃdohaḥ</i>.</p> </p>

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