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Shahnama Project

I’ve laid the foundations of a lofty hall in verse
That neither wind nor rain will harm
Lifetimes will pass over this book
Whoever has wisdom will be reciting it" Firdausi, Shahnama, ed. Dj. Khalegi-Motlagh, IV, 173-4

The Fire ordeal of Siyavush, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Ms. or. fol. 359, fol. 146r



Welcome to the Shahnama Project 

Welcome back to the Shahnama Project website, which has been under transformation for some months while being transferred to a new platform in the Cambridge Digital Library. This is the small first launch of a test run of the new site, which will remain a work in continuous progress for several months, with regular updates and refinements as data and functionality is carried across from the old site. Please remain patient! All comments welcomed.

This site brings you a massive collection of manuscripts of the Shahnama and a display of the miniature paintings in each one. It allows you to see and compare all the different depictions of a particular scene in the narrative and to explore text-image relationships across the corpus. 

Firdausi’s Shahnama (Book of Kings, or King of Books), completed in eastern Iran in around A.D. 1010, is a work of mythology, history, literature and political ethics: a living epic poem of around 50,000 verses that pervades and expresses many aspects of Persian culture. Thousands of manuscript copies of the text, the earliest dating from 1216, exist in libraries throughout the world. Many hundreds of these are illustrated with miniature paintings, some of them among the most magnificent masterpieces of the Persian arts of the book. 

In 1969, Jill Norgren and Edward Davis produced the Preliminary index of Shah-nameh illustrations, under the supervision of Oleg Grabar. This lists – but does not illustrate – almost 5,000 paintings; the true number is nearer four times this figure. Such a large body of pictures is beyond the capacity of individual scholars to study and manipulate by traditional means; this is where the internet can make an enormous contribution. The Shahnama Project has aimed to build on this preliminary work and to provide a corpus of illustrations of the Shahnama, with details of the manuscripts and the textual context within which they occur. This powerful resource opens the door to almost limitless areas of study and comparative analysis. Why did the Shahnama continue to attract such attention, which scenes did the artists and their patrons choose to depict, and which to ignore? Do the paintings conform with the text and illuminate it, or present a different message? How was the Shahnama received by later generations of writers and artists and how did it fuel the production of related works and their illustration?  

The Project was initiated with a five-year major research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) awarded Charles Melville at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with Robert Hillenbrand at the University of Edinburgh, to produce an electronic corpus of paintings in Shahnama manuscripts. Work started in October 1999 and the first period of research was completed in September 2004, with the launch of the Shahnama Project web site. A Resource Enhancement grant from the AHRC for the development of the website ran from March 2006 to April 2009. Funding has since been sporadic, but for a major benefaction from Bita Daryabari in 2013 that has ensured its sustainability under the auspices of the Shahnama Centre at Pembroke College.

+ Location index

Country Repository Manuscripts
  Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, Yerevan 1
  National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1
  Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1
  Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna 3
  Library of the University of Liege, Liege 1
  McGill University Library, Montreal 18
  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal 6
  Aga Khan Museum, Toronto 2
  Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 10
  Royal Library, Copenhagen 11
  The David Collection, Copenhagen 27
  Destroyed 1
  ex-Schulz 1
dispersed mss    
  Dispersed mss 10
  Dar al-Kutub, Cairo 7
  Chateau de Chantilly, Chantilly 1
  Gillet Collection, Lyons 7
  Private collection, Lyons 2
  Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris 25
  Hotel Drouot, Paris 3
  Louvre, Paris 15
  Sotheby's, Paris 9
  Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi 8
  National Centre of Manuscripts, Tbilisi 4
  Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin 7
  Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin 16
  Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbib. G., Goettingen 1
  University and Sachsen-Anhalt Library, Halle 1
  Universitaetsbibliothek Heidelberg, Heidelberg 2
  Grassi Museum, Leipzig 1
  Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich 6
  Museum funf Kontinente, Munich 13
  Linden-Museum, Stuttgart 2
  Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, Athens 3
  Museum of Ethnography, Budapest 1
  Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest 4
  Szeged University Library, Szeged 1
  Maulana Azad Library, Aligarh 10
  Government Museum, Alwar 3
  Kasla College, Amritsar 2
  State Archives, Chandigarh and Patiala 3
  Andhra Pradesh State Museum, Hyderabad 1
  Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad, Hyderabad 1
  Telangana Government Oriental Mss Library & Res. Inst., Hyderabad 5
  The Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad 8
  City Palace Museum, Jaipur 1
  Asiatic Society of Bengal, Kolkata 1
  Indian Museum, Kolkata 5
  National Library, Kolkata 2
  Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata 2
  Lucknow Museum, Lucknow 2
  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai 3
  Hakim Collection, Mumbai (Bombay) 1
  The K.R. Cama Oriental Institute, Mumbai (Bombay) 7
  National Archives, New Delhi 1
  National Museum, New Delhi 16
  Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna 21
  Rampur Raza Library, Rampur 10
  R.K. Tanden Collection, Secunderabad (Haydarabad) 2
  Baroda Museum, Vadoda 4
  Baroda Oriental Institute, Vadoda 1
  Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi 2
  Central Library, Benares Hindu University, Varanasi 4
  The Museum of Avicenna Mausoleum , Hamedan 1
  Central Library, University of Isfahan, Isfahan 1
  Astan Quds Razavi, Mashhad 1
  Astana Muqaddasa, Qum 1
  Markaz-i Ihya-yi Miras-i Islami, Qum 2
  Anthropology Encyclopedia Center, Tehran 1
  Central Library, University of Tehran, Tehran 4
  Gulistan Museum, Tehran 11
  Hunarha-yi Ta'ziini, Tehran 2
  Majlis Library (Parliament of IRI), Tehran 5
  Malik National Library & Museum, Tehran 4
  Melli Library (National Library of Iran), Tehran 12
  Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran 1
  National Museum of Iran (Iran Bastan), Tehran 10
  Riza Abbasi Museum, Tehran 39
  Sa'ad Abad, Tehran 1
  Sepahsalar Library (Shahid Motahhari Library), Tehran 2
  Tus Museum, Tus 2
  Al-Maktaba al-'Abbasiyya fi'l-Basra, Basra 1
  The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin 26
  Trinity College Library, Dublin 3
  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 15
  Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence 1
  Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence 1
  Villa I Tatti, Berenson Collection, Florence 2
  Biblioteca Universitaria, Genoa 1
  Biblioteca Nazionale "V.E. III", Naples 2
  Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome 1
  Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome 1
  Bibl. Armena della congregazione dei Mechitaristi, Venice 2
  Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice 1
  Kuwait National Museum, Kuwait 9
  Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait 9
  Islamic Arts Museum Malayasia, Kuala Lumpur 3
  ISTAC, Kuala Lumpur 1
  University Library, Leiden 1
  Library, Bahaulpur 1
  Ganj Bakhsh, Islamabad 5
  Hamdard Library, Karachi 2
  National Museum, Karachi 4
  National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi 4
  Faqir Khaneh, Lahore 1
  Kitabkhana al-Riaz, Lahore 1
  Lahore Museum, Lahore 7
  Punjab Public Library, Lahore 1
  Punjab University Library, Lahore 12
  Shish Mahall, Lahore 1
  Library, Multan 1
  Ajaib Gohar Museum, Peshawar 1
  Ghausiyyah Library, Sadiq Abad 2
  Khilafat, Sargodha 1
  Mir Val Library, Sheikhupoora 1
  Fundacja XX Czartoryskich przy Muzeum Narodowym, Krakow 1
  Muzeum Narodowe Krakow (The National Museum in Krakow), Krakow 1
  Private Collection Tadeusz Majda, Warszawa 1
  Private Collection Waldemar Gniadek, Warszawa 1
  Biblioteka Zakladu im. Ossolinskich, Wroclaw 1
  Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon 1
private collections    
  Binney Collection 5
  Ebrahimi Collection 1
  London unnamed collection 1
  Nasser D. Khalili Collection 11
  Princess Soraya 2
  Tehran 1
  Unnamed location 3
  Charles Melville, Cambridge 1
  Pembroke College, Cambridge 1
  Private collection, Cambridge 4
  Private Collection, Denver, Colorado 8
  Leiden, Leiden 2
  St. Gall, Torquay 1
  Lady Homayun Renwick, UK 2
  Museum of Islamic Art, Doha 16
  Romanian Academy of Sciences Library, Bucharest 1
  Museum of the Orient, Moscow 5
  Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St Petersburg 10
  National Library of Russia, St Petersburg 15
  Oriental Library, St Petersburg University, St Petersburg 1
  The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg 2
  Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore 2
  Real Biblioteca, Madrid , Madrid 1
  Uppsala universitetsbibliotek, Uppsala 2
  Bernisches Historisches Museum, Bern 4
  Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Geneva 53
  Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Genève, Geneva 2
  Fondation Martin Bodmer, Geneva 3
  Musée d'art et d'histoire, Geneva 49
  Museum Rietberg , Zurich 18
  Firdausi Library, Dushanbe 1
  Institute of Oriental Studies and Written Heritage, Dushanbe 3
  Beyazit Devlet Kutuphanesi, Istanbul 1
  Millet Kutuphanesi, Istanbul 1
  Suleymaniye Kutuphanesi, Istanbul 3
  Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi Kutuphanesi, Istanbul 60
  Turk ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi, Istanbul 9
  University Library, Istanbul 7
  Special Collections, Birmingham 1
  Ancient Indian and Iran Trust, Cambridge 1
  Cheffins, Cambridge 1
  Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 5
  Shahnama Centre, Cambridge 3
  University Library, Cambridge 10
  Devon and Exeter Institution, Exeter 1
  Bonhams, London 3
  Christie's, London 54
  Colnaghi Auction House, London 1
  Francesca Galloway, London 4
  Keir Collection, London 29
  Noor Collection, London 1
  Royal Asiatic Society, London 2
  Sam Fogg, London 14
  School of Oriental & African Studies, London 6
  Simon Ray, London 1
  Sotheby's, London 76
  Spink, London 2
  The British Library, London 39
  The British Museum, London 30
  Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding, London 19
  John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Manchester 11
  All Souls College, Oxford 2
  Bodleian Library, Oxford 12
  Merton College, Oxford 1
  University of St Andrews Library, St Andrews 1
  Windsor Castle, Windsor 2
unknown country    
  Private collection 4
unknown location    
  unknown 1
  ex-Kevorkian 8
  ex-Riefstahl 1
  Bryn Mawr College , Bryn Mawr 1
  Special Collections Library, Ann Arbor 1
  University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor 2
  The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore 6
  The Lilly Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Indiana University, Bloomington 2
  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston 2
  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 30
  Olsen Foundation, Bridgeport 2
  Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY 1
  Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge 75
  Houghton Library of the Harvard College Library, Cambridge 4
  Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio 1
  Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland 9
  Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit 1
  Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University Library, Evanston 3
  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston 1
  Art and History Trust, Houston, Texas 2
  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas 2
  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles 27
  Institute of Arts, Minneapolis 1
  Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New Haven 13
  Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York 15
  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 33
  New York Public Library, New York 12
  The Morgan Library and Museum, New York 2
  Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia 11
  Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia 6
  Frick Fine Arts Library , Pittsburgh 1
  University Library (Firestone), Princeton 5
  Brown University Library, Providence 14
  Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia 1
  San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego 22
  Asian Art Museum, San Francisco 14
  Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington DC 59
  Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 31
  Worcester Art Museum, Worcester 4
  Abu Rayhan Biruni Oriental Institute, Tashkent 13

+ Scene index

Code Chapter Scene
-2 Other epics  
    Scene from the Samnama
    Scene from the Faramarznama
    Scene from another epic
    Scene from the Narimannama
    Unidentified scene
    Scene from the Shabrangnama
-2a Bahmannama  
    Scene from the Bahmannama
-2b Barzunama  
    Scene from the Barzunama
    Barzu's mother prevents Rustam from killing Barzu
    Barzu wounds Rustam in combat
    Barzu killed by the div Manharas
-2c Garshaspnama  
    Scene from the Garshaspnama
-1 Preliminary materials  
    Seals of ownership or library marks
-1a Illuminations  
    Illuminated title page (recto side)
    Illuminated unvan
    Illuminated title page (verso side)
    Illuminated page
    Text page
-1b Bindings  
-1c Frontispieces and Finispieces  
    Frontispiece (recto side)
    Finispiece (recto side)
    Frontispiece (verso side)
    Finispiece (verso side)
    Miscellaneous preliminary material
    Bilqis enthroned (frontispiece)
    Sulayman enthroned (frontispiece)
-1d Preface  
    A group of kings
    Firdausi and his book introduced to Sultan Mahmud
    Firdausi at the bathhouse
    Firdausi and the poets of Ghazna
    The tomb of Firdausi
    Portrait of Abu Mansur
0 Introduction  
    The murder of the poet Daqiqi
    In praise of the Prophet Muhammad
    In praise of Sultan Mahmud
    The Prophet Muhammad and the 'Ship of Faith'
    The Mi'raj of Muhammad (not in Shahnama)
    The four Caliphs
    In praise of 'Ali
1 Kayumars (30 years)  
2 Hushang (40 years)  
3 Tahmuras Div-band (30 years)  
4 Jamshid (700 years)  
5 Zahhak (1000 years)  
6 Faridun (500 years)  
    Faridun's sons with the daughters of the King of Yemen
7 Manuchihr (120 years)  
8 Nauzar (7 years)  
9 Zav son of Tahmasp (5 years)  
10 Garshasp (9 years)  
    Zal tells Rustam to prepare for war against the Turanians
    The Iranians send a message to Zal in Sistan, seeking his aid
    Rustam catches Rakhsh
    Zal leads his army to fight Afrasiyab
    Rustam marches to Mount Alburz to pay homage to Kay Qubad
    Afrasiyab prepares for war
    Rustam kills Qulun
    Garshasp enthroned
11 Kay Qubad (100 years)  
    The combat between Rustam and Afrasiyab
    Kay Qubad addresses the Iranians
    Afrasiyab before Pashang
    Qarin fights Shamasas
    Rustam lifts Afrasiyab by the belt
    Pashang seeks peace with Kay Qubad
    Kay Qubad enthroned
    Rustam pursues the Turanians
    Rustam asks Zal's permission to fight Afrasiyab
12 Kay Kavus (150 years)  
    Rustam overpowers the King of Mazandaran
    Rustam fights the Mazandarani champion Juya
    Kay Kavus sends a message to Zal and Rustam
    Rustam enters the cave in which Kay Kavus and his men are chained
    Rustam's sixth labour: he kills Arzhang
    A minstrel div tempts Kay Kavus to invade Mazandaran
    Rustam anoints the eyes of Kay Kavus with the blood of the White Div
    The King of Mazandaran changes himself into a rock
    Kay Kavus' s champions fight the King of Mazandaran
    Rustam reproaches Rakhsh for killing the lion
    Rustam camps in a field and gets into a fight with the watchman
    Zal and his army greet Kay Kavus (DUPL)
    Kay Kavus enthroned
    Rustam washes Rakhsh in a spring
    Rustam's fifth labour: he lassoes Aulad
    The White Div blinds Kay Kavus and his army
    Rustam confronts the divs after killing Arzhang
    Rustam's fourth labour: he kills the witch
    Kay Kavus returns to Iran and rewards Rustam for his deeds
    The King of Mazandaran is executed
    Rustam charges the Mazandaranis with an uprooted tree
    Rustam shakes hands with Kalahur, champion from Mazandaran
    Rustam travels to Mazandaran with a message from Kay Kavus
    Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div
    Rustam throws the King of Mazandaran in the form of a rock before Kay Kavus
    Rustam's first labour: Rakhsh kills a dragon (variant)
    Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon
    Rustam meets Kay Kavus after the battle with the king of Mazandaran
    Rustam kills Aulad and cuts off the head of Arzhang (VAR)
    Kay Kavus dicates a letter to the King of Mazandaran
    Rustam roasts an onager
    Rustam relaxes after killing the dragon
    Rustam's first labour: Rakhsh kills a lion
    Rustam delivers Kavus's letter to the King of Mazanadaran
    Farhad goes to Mazandaran with Kavus's letter
    Zal counsels Kay Kavus
    The execution of the King of Mazandaran in front of Kay Kavus and Rustam (DUPL)
    Rustam's second labour: he finds a spring and kills an onager
12b Kay Kavus fights the King of Hamavaran  
    Rustam and the seven champions prepare to encounter Afrasiyab
    Kay Kavus fights the King of Hamavaran
    Rustam fights the Turanians
    Kay Kavus restored, regulates the world
    Kay Kavus prepares for his flight to the heavens
    Kay Kavus sends a message to Caesar and Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab attacks the land of Iran
    Rustam fights the King of Hamavaran (CHECK)
    Rustam kills Alkus in combat
    Kay Kavus airborne
    Rustam tries to lasso Afrasiyab
    Rustam fights the armies of three Kings
    A div tempts Kay Kavus
    Kay Kavus asks the king of Hamavaran to marry his daughter
    Kay Kavus falls back down to earth
    The King of Hamavaran imprisons Kay Kavus and his men in a mountain
    Rustam and the Iranians hunt in Afrasiyab's preserves
    Rustam sends a message to the King of Hamavaran
    Pilsam fights Gurgin, Gustakham and Giv (DUPL)
    Guraza captures the Shah of Barbaristan
    Rustam parleys with the King of Hamavaran
    Rustam fights Afrasiyab
    Kay Kavus led captive before the King of Hamavaran
    Kay Kavus marries Sudaba
    Rustam pulls the King of Sham from his saddle by lasso
    Gudarz reproaches Kay Kavus
12c Suhrab  
    Suhrab's body carried to Zabulistan
    Tahmina visits Rustam's chamber
    Kay Kavus and Rustam mobilise the army
    Zhanda Razm discovered dead from a blow of Rustam's fist
    Rustam meets Suhrab before combat
    Rustam laments for the dying Suhrab
    Suhrab asks Hajir about the names of the Iranian knights (CHECK lines in mohl: DUPL)
    Suhrab and Hujir view the Persian camp
    Gustaham writes to Kay Kavus
    Afrasiyab sends Barman and Human to meet Suhrab
    Rustam mourns Suhrab
    Suhrab attacks the army of Kay Kavus
    Suhrab fights Hujir
    Rustam and Suhrab part after their first combat
    Zhanda Razm discovered dead and brought to Suhrab (CHECK: DUPL)
    Suhrab chooses his horse
    Suhrab overthrows Rustam in their second combat
    Rustam rests after hunting on the Turanian border
    Gurdafarid talks to Suhrab
    Suhrab fights Gurdafarid
    Kay Kavus recalls Rustam from Zabulistan
    Rustam knocks down Tus in the presence of Kay Kavus
    Turanian riders capture Rakhsh
    Rustam kills Zhinda Razm
    Rustam begs Kay Kavus for a remedy
    Rustam discovers Suhrab's identity
    Introducing the story of Suhrab
    The birth of Suhrab
    Kay Kavus apologises to Rustam for his behaviour
    Kay Kavus summons Rustam
    Suhrab and Human survey the Iranian army
    Tahmina learns of Suhrab's death
    Rustam mortally wounds Suhrab
    The first combat of Rustam and Suhrab
    Suhrab captures the White Dizh
    Rustam comes to the city of Samangan
12d Siyavush  
    Siyavush pleads for Sudaba's life
    Siyavush fights Guruy Zirih
    Siyavush visits Sudaba's quarters a second time
    Rustam delivers Siyavush's letter to Kay Kavus
    Siyavush consults Bahram and Zanga
    Siyavush receives a kingship from Afrasiyab
    Siyavush taken prisoner before Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab sends Piran to other countries
    Afrasiyab is frightened by a nightmare
    Siyavush fights Damur
    Siyavush enters Siyavushgird
    Piran visits Siyavushgird
    Siyavush sends a message to Afrasiyab
    Garsivaz with Siyavush
    Siyavush welcomes Piran
    Afrasiyab goes to war against Siyavush
    Kay Khusrau returns to Siyavushgird
    Sudaba falls in love with Siyavush
    Siyavush constructs Gang Dizh
    Siyavush talks about existence with Piran
    Afrasiyab writes to Siyavush
    Kay Kavus replies to Siyavush
    Piran talks to Afrasiyab about Farangis and Siyavush
    Piran proposes his daughter as a wife for Siyavush
    Introducing the story of Siyavush
    Piran and the child Kay Khusrau before Afrasiyab
    The fire ordeal of Siyavush
    Garsivaz slanders Siyavush before Afrasiyab
    Siyavush hears of the birth of his his son Farud
    Afrasiyab consults the mobads about his dream
    Siyavush has a dream
    Siyavush hunts onager with Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab consults the elders
    Kay Kavus embraces Siyavush after the fire ordeal
    Siyavush says farewell to Farangis after his dream
    Kay Kavus learns of Afrasiyab's attack
    The birth of Kay Khusrau
    Siyavush receives counsel from Farangis
    Kay Kavus investigates the claim of the stillborn children
    Sudaba turns to a witch for counsel
    Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab
    Guruy executes Siyavush
    Siyavush's mother dies
    Siyavush returns from Zabulistan
    Afrasiyab sends Garsivaz to meet Siyavush
    Siyavush writes to Kay Kavus
    Siyavush sends Rustam to Kay Kavus
    Siyavush and Garsivaz play polo
    Siyavush meets Rustam (? GARSIVAZ) in Balkh, sent by Kay Kavus (?)
    Zanga goes to Afrasiyab
    Siyavush in Sudaba's quarters for the third time
    Piran trusts the baby Kay Khusrau to a shepherd
    The feast for Siyavush's birth
    Tus and Gudarz encounter a maiden in the forest
    Siyavush writes to Afrasiyab
    Siyavush and his troops are defeated by the forces of Afrasiyab
    The maiden is presented to Kay Kavus
    Siyavush marries Farangis
    Piran sets Farangis free
    Rustam introduces Siyavush to Kay Kavus
    Sudaba complains again to Kay Kavus
    Siyavush is wounded and falls from his horse
    Siyavush and Garsivaz before Afrasiyab (CHECK)
    Siyavush defeats Garsivaz
    Siyavush displays his archery skill before Afrasiyab
    Siyavush entrusts the army to Bahram
    Afrasiyab receives Zanga Shavaran with the letter from Siyavush (DUPL)
    Siyavush shows his skills before Garsivaz
    Garsivaz brings gifts to Siyavush from Afrasiyab
    Siyavush in Sudaba's private quarters
    Piran speaks about Farangis to Siyavush
    Sudaba accuses Siyavush
    Afrasiyab greets Siyavush
    Farangis cries for mercy to Afrasiyab
    Kay Kavus sends Rustam to Sistan
12e Kay Khusrau comes to Iran  
    Kay Khusrau's army besieges Bahman's castle and fights the divs
    Kay Khusrau returns in triumph from the conquest of Bahman's castle
    Afrasiyab raises his army to avenge his son's death
    The coronation of Kay Khusrau
    Human attacks Rustam to allow Afrasiyab to escape
    Mourning for Siyavush
    Zavara goes to the hunting lodge of Siyavush
    Afrasiyab learns about the death of his son Surkha
    Rustam on the throne of Turan
    Kay Khusrau captures Siyavush's horse Bihzad
    Kay Khusrau's army besieges Bahman's castle
    Giv leads Piran before Kay Khusrau and Farangis
    Surkha brought before Faramarz and Rustam (CHECK)
    The Turanians flee from Rustam
    Tus and Fariburz go to Bahman's Dizh
    Afrasiyab meets Piran returning from his defeat
    Rustam returns to the land of Iran
    Kay Kavus writes a patent for Giv
    Faramarz kills Varazad
    Rustam kills Pilsam
    Rustam destroys the army of Turan
    Piran comes after Kay Khusrau
    Gudarz and Tus confer with Kay Kavus about the fate of the throne (DUPL)
    Rustam fights Afrasiyab, Human and the Turanians
    Zavara executes Surkha to avenge Siyavush
    Kay Khusrau goes to Isfahan
    Kay Khusrau captures Suhrab's horse Bihzad (DUPL)
    Gulbad and Nastahin flee from Giv
    The battle of Piran and Giv
    Kay Kavus receives Kay Khusrau on his arrival from Turan
    Afrasiyab talks to Piran (DUPL)
    Pilsam spears Giv
    The boatman asks pardon of Kay Khusrau for having refused him passage
    Kay Khusrau and Farangis watch Giv defeat the Turanians
    Giv and Kay Khusrau go to Siyavushgird
    Kay Khusrau crosses the Oxus with Farangis and Giv
    Rustam kills Sudaba
    Giv protects Farangis and Kay Khusrau from the Turanians (CHECK, cf. 189?)
    Giv negotiates with the boatman who asks for bribes
    Gudarz and Tus ask Kay Kavus about the enthronement Kay Khusrau
    Farangis releases Piran from Giv
    Rustam confronts the army of Afrasiyab
    Kay Kavus gives up throne in favour of Kay Khusrau
    Giv captures Piran
    Giv goes to Turan in search of Kay Khusrau
    Rustam comes to Kay Kavus
    Afrasiyab interrogates the ferry man about the passage of Kay Khusrau
    Afrasiyab sends Khusrau to Khotan
    Introducing the return of Kay Khusrau to the land of Iran
    Giv finds Kay Khusrau in Turan
    Tus defies Kay Khusrau's order
    Faramarz captures Surkha, son of Afrasiyab
    Piran welcomes Khusrau in Khotan
    Gudarz gets angry against Tus
    Gudarz sees Kay Khusrau in his dreams
    Afrasiyab meets Piran returning from his defeat (DUPL)
13 Kay Khusrau (60 years)  
    Bahram returns to the battlefield to retrieve his whip
    Farud kills Zarasp
    Kay Khusrau receives Rustam and Zal
    Farud fights the Iranian army
    Giv kills Tahzav in revenge for the death of Bahram
    Kay Khusrau praised by the elders
    Kay Khusrau appoints Tus to lead an expedition to Turan
    Bizhan pursues Tazhav, who carries Ispanay on his horse
    Tazhav mortally wounds Bahram
    Bahram defies Ruyin and the Turanian forces
    Kay Khusrau reviews his troops
    Kay Khusrau pledges vengeance against Afrasiyab
    The Turanians defeat the Iranians
    Bizhan comes upon Palashan cooking a gazelle
    Bizhan takes Kava's standard from Fariburz
    Farud shoots Tus's horse from under him
    Rivniz dies, but Bahram saves his crown
    Farud shoots Bizhan's horse from under him
    Kay Khusrau disgraces Tus
    The death of Bahram
    Introducing the story of Farud
    Bizhan goes to fight Palashan
    Farud learns of the approach of Tus
    Giv captures Tazhav
    Fariburz and Ruhham seek a truce from Piran
    Bahram captures Kabuda
    Bizhan fights Palashan
    The Iranians fight Tazhav
    Kay Khusrau enthroned
    Giv leads the captured Tazhav (CHECK)
    Kay Khusrau sends Rustam to the land of Hind
    Piran attacks the Iranian camp at night
    Kay Khusrau hears of the combat with Farud
    Farud shoots Giv's horse from under him
    Tus's army pillages Farud's castle
    Piran tries to persuade Bahram to give himself up
    Kay Khusrau exercises his sovereignty in Iran
    Kay Khusrau assembles his court
    The Iranians stuck in the snowstorm
    Bizhan kills Palashan
    Giv strikes the crown from Tazhav's head
    Farud and Tukhvara view the Iranians from a mountain top
    Farud and Bahram parley
    The Iranians return to Kay Khusrau
    Bahram fights Kabuda
    Farud asks the advise of his mother Jarira about how to deal with the approaching Persian army
    Bizhan prepares to fight Farud
    Kay Khusrau goes hunting after his accession
    The Iranians build a mausoleum for Farud
    Farud discusses the coming battle with his mother Jarira
    Kay Khusrau enumerates his champions
    Jarira commits suicide over her son's body
    Farud kills Rivniz
    The Iranians withdraw after Piran defeats them
    The death of Farud
    Bahram tries to dissuade Tus from fighting Farud
    Afrasiyab learns about Tus's expedition
    Tazhav escapes from Giv (CHECK DUPL)
    The Iranians mourn Farud
    Farud retreats to his fortress and is mortally wounded by Ruhham
    Kay Khusrau distributes gifts to his chief warriors
    Bizhan fights Farud on foot
    Bizhan returns to the Persian camp with the head and equipment of Palashan
13b Kamus-i Kashani  
    Fariburz comes to Mount Hamavan
    The Iranians and Turanians draw up their battle lines
    The Iranians hold council at Mount Hamavan
    Kay Khusrau reproaches Tus for his actions
    Introducing the story of Kamus-i Kashani
    Piran consults the Khaqan of Chin
    Kamus fights Giv
    The Iranians attack the Turanians at night
    Human fights Tus
    Piran asks about Rustam's arrival
    Rustam erects his tent in the Iranian camp
    Kay Khusrau learns of the plight of his army
    The Iranians go to Mount Hamavan
    Rustam and the dead Kamus
    Tus kills Arzhang
    Piran sends a message to the Iranian army
    The Iranians regroup and fight back
    Afrasiyab sends an army to help Piran
    Piran pursues the Iranians to Mount Hamavan
    Khaqan Chin goes to inspect the Iranian army
    Rustam captures and kills Kamus
    The Turanians attack the Iranians' stronghold on Mount Hamavan
    Kay Khusrau sends Tus to Turan
    Rustam asks for Farangis as a wife for Fariburz
    Fariburz marries Farangis
    Rustam comes to aid the Iranians
    Kamus fights Giv and Tus
    Gudarz learns about Rustam's arrival
    The Turanians use sorcery against the Iranians in battle
    The Khaqan Chin arrives at Mount Hamavan
    Tus sees Siyavush in his dream
    Rustam asks Kay Khusrau to pardon Tus
    Piran meets Kamus
    Rustam kills Ashkabus and his horse
    Kamus kills Alva
    Afrasiyab sends the Khaqan Chin and Kamus to help Piran
    The Iranians and Turanians fight a second time
    Ruhham overcomes Bazur the Turanian wizard
13c Rustam and the Khaqan-i Chin  
    Rustam remounts while Puladvand escapes
    Kay Khusrau replies to Rustam
    Rustam wrestles with Puladvand
    Puladvand lifts Giv and Tus from their saddles
    Gustaham besieges Kafur the Cannibal's fortress (MISPLACED?)
    Rustam returns to Sistan
    Rustam pulls the Khaqan of Chin from his elephant by lasso
    The Khaqan of Chin led captive by Rustam
    Rustam kills Gahar Gahani
    Rustam reproaches Piran
    Afrasiyab writes to Puladvand
    Turanians try to avoid fight with Iranians
    Rustam lifts Shangul from his saddle
    Rustam leads an attack on the Turanians' allies
    Rustam fights Sava
    Puladvand overwhelms the Iranians
    Shangul is released by Rustam and escapes back to the Khaqan of Chin
    Rustam fights Kafur the Cannibal
    Rustam overthrows Puladvand
    Rustam lifts Shangul from his saddle and kills him (variant)
    The start of the fight between Shangul and Rustam
    The Khaqan learns of the killing of Kamus
    The defeat of the Turanian army
    Rustam confers with his army
    Rustam blaming Piran
    Rustam returns to the court of Kay Khusrau
    Rustam and Piran parley
    Rustam confronts the forces of Turan and Chin
    Rustam overturns Chingish by seizing the tail of his horse
    Piran takes counsel with Human and the Khaqan of Chin
    Rustam sends a letter to Kay Khusrau
    Rustam divides the booty
    Rustam and the Khaqan of Chin before the battle (CHECK)
    Fariburz comes to Kay Khusrau with Rustam's message
    Rustam kills Chingish
    The Khaqan of Chin sends Human to negociate with Rustam
    The Iranians call Rustam to battle against Shangul
    Afrasiyab learns of the defeat of the Turanian army
    Afrasiyab learns of Rustam's arrival
    Rustam kills Puladvand (not in SN)
    Afrasiyab flees from Rustam
    Rustam fights Kafur the Cannibal (DUPL)
13d Rustam fights Akhvan Div  
    Introducing the story of Rustam and Akvan Div
    Rustam fights a sea monster
    Rustam searches for Akvan Div
    Kay Khusrau receives Rustam after he has killed Akvan Div
    Rustam sleeps after searching for Akvan Div
    Rustam recovers Rakhsh
    Rustam kills Akvan Div
    Kay Khusrau asks Rustam to fight Akvan Div (DUPL)
    Rustam attacks Afrasiyab's herdsmen
    Akvan Div flings Rustam into the sea
    Kay Khusrau asks Rustam to fight Akvan Div
13e Bizhan and Manizha  
    Rustam feasts with Kay Khusrau
    Kay Khusrau holds a feast for Rustam after Bizhan's rescue
    Introducing the story of Bizhan and Manizha
    Rustam asks Bizhan to forgive Gurgin
    Rustam feasts with Giv
    Kay Khusrau praises Rustam
    Rustam and Bizhan carry out a raid on Afrasiyab's palace
    Manizha is brought to the pit
    Piran stays the execution of Bizhan
    Manizha appeals to Rustam
    Kay Khusrau searches for Bizhan in the magic cup
    Gurgin returns to Iran and lies to Giv about the fate of Bizhan
    Rustam asks Kay Khusrau for the release of Gurgin
    Gurgin tells his story to Kay Khusrau
    Bizhan is brought to Manizha's palace
    Rustam disguised as a merchant before Piran
    Manizha entertains Bizhan in the meadows
    Rustam comes before Kay Khusrau after returning with Bizhan
    Rustam assembles his troops to go to Turan
    Rustam and Afrasiyab draw up their battle lines
    Bizhan arrives at Manizha's camping ground
    Firdausi's companion relates the story of Bizhan and Manizha
    Afrasiyab comes in pursuit of Rustam
    The Armaniyan seek help from Kay Khusrau
    Rustam rescues Bizhan from the pit
    Bizhan brought before Afrasiyab
    Giv takes Kay Khusrau's letter to Rustam
    Rustam returns to Iran
    Bizhan comes to Manizha's tent
    Rustam and Bizhan defeat Afrasiyab in battle
    Rustam removes the stone from the mouth of Bizhan's pit
    Bizhan and Rustam after the rescue from the pit
    Garsivaz arrests Bizhan in Manizha's appartments
    Giv and Gudarz greet Rustam returning with Bizhan
    Bizhan slaughters the wild boar
    Kay Khusrau writes to Rustam
    Manizha's nurse speaks with Bizhan
    Kay Khusrau holds court
    Bizhan is brought to the pit
    Gurgin betrays Bizhan
    Manizha entertains Bizhan in her appartments
    Rustam fights Barkhiyas Div (interpolation)
    Bizhan learns of Rustam's arrival
    Manizha brings Bizhan the food sent by Rustam
    Manizha feeds Bizhan
13f The Twelve Rukhs  
    The fourth combat: Furuhil kills Zangala
    The ninth combat: Gurgin fights Andariman
    Bizhan discovers the wounded Gustaham
    The eighth combat: Zanga-yi Shavaran fights Akhvasht
    Human challenges Ruhham
    Piran receives a reply from Gudarz
    Gudarz returns to the Iranian forces
    Zanga carries Akhvasht away over his saddle
    The Turanians seek a safe conduct from Kay Khusrau
    The second combat: Giv stuns Guruy Zirih
    Bizhan goes after Gustaham
    Barta returns with the body of Kuhram
    The second combat: Giv fights Guruy Zirih
    Giv defeats and binds Guruy Zirih
    Human challenges Gudarz
    Giv gives Siyavush's flag to Bizhan
    Gustaham kills Farshidvard
    Bizhan kills Human
    Kay Khusrau sends Gudarz to fight the Turanians
    The eighth combat: Zanga kills Akhvasht
    Kay Khusrau kills Guruy
    Bizhan brings Human's head back to the Iranian forces
    Gudarz wriites to Kay Khusrau for assistance
    The first combat: Fariburz fights Gulbad
    Bizhan comes to fight Human
    Nastihan makes a night attack and is killed by Bizhan
    Gustaham pursues Lahhak and Farshidvard
    Kay Khusrau saves Gustaham
    The armies of Turan and Iran facing each other
    Gurgin leads away Andariman's horse
    Bizhan and Human rest near a spring
    The eleventh combat: Gudarz kills Piran
    Gustaham kills Lahhak
    Gudraz receives the reply of Kay Khusrau
    Bizhan leads away the horse and body of Ruyin
    Lahhak attacks Gustaham
    The sixth combat: Bizhan kills Ruyin
    Khusrau draws up his army
    Afrasiyab replies to Piran's plea
    Fariburz ties Gulbad over his saddle
    The seventh combat: Hujir kills Sipahram with a blow of his sword
    Gudarz and Piran name their champions for the single combats
    Bizhan returns with Gustaham and the bodies of Lahhak and Farshidvard
    The eleventh combat: Gudarz fights Piran
    The seventh combat: Hujir fights Sipahram
    Bizhan goes to Giv asking permission to fight
    The first combat: Fariburz kills Gulbad
    Piran consults with his commanders
    The tenth combat: Barta fights Kuhram
    Guraza binds Siyamak onto his horse and leads him away
    Afrasiyab summons his army
    Giv takes a message from Gudarz to Piran
    The Turanian forces before the single combats of the eleven champions
    Ruhham leads away the horse of the dead Barman
    Giv fights Lahhak and Farshidvard
    Human seeks Piran's permission to fight
    Piran writes to Gudarz seeking a truce
    The fifth combat: Ruhham kills Barman
    Furuhil returns with Zangala's head
    Piran wounds Gudarz with a dagger
    Lahhak and Farshidvard lament the death of Piran
    A general encounter between the armies of Iran and Turan
    The third combat: Guraza kills Siyamak by throwing him to the ground
    The tenth combat: Barta kills Kuhram
    Bizhan fights with Human
    Gudarz mourns the dead Piran
    The third combat: Guraza fights Siyamak
    Kay Khusrau mourns for Piran and the dead Turanians
    Piran seeks help from Afrasiyab
    Human challenges Fariburz
    Gustaham goes in pursuit of Lahhak and Farshidvard
    Lahhak and Farshidvard head back to Turan
    Bizhan discusses Human's challenge with Giv and Gudarz
    Introducing the story of the twelve Rukhs
    Bizhan and Human wrestle for the first time
    The fourth combat: Furuhil fights Zangala
    Piran learns about the death of Nastihan
    Bizhan and Human wrestle for a second time
    Giv fights Piran
    The sixth combat: Bizhan fights Ruyin
    Piran and Gudarz agree on the battle of eleven Rukhs
    Piran escapes from Gudarz up the mountainside
    Hujir leads away the horse and body of Sipahram
    Giv goes to Piran's headquarters at Visagird
    The ninth combat: Gurgin kills Andariman
    The fifth combat: Ruhham fights Barman
13g The Great War between Kay Khusrau and Afrasiyab  
    Kay Khusrau despairs of the world
    Kay Khusrau gives legacy to Giv
    The Iranians call on Zal and Rustam for help
    Zal asks Kay Khusrau for a legacy to Rustam
    Kay Khusrau gives up his throne to Luhrasp
    Kay Khusrau sees Surush in his dream
    Kay Khusrau learns of Afrasiyab's departure with the Faghfur's army
    Kay Khusrau gives a safe conduct to Afrasiyab's family
    Kay Khusrau besieges Gang Dizh
    Afrasiyab sends his son Shida to Kay Khusrau
    Kay Khusrau leads Afrasiyab by lasso
    A full scale battle between the armies of Iran and Turan
    The coronation of Luhrasp
    Kay Khusrau prepares to ride against Afrasiyab
    The Khaqan of Chin sends an envoy to Kay Khusrau
    Afrasiyab flees from Gang Dizh
    Kay Khusrau enthroned celebrates his victory over Afrasiyab
    Kay Khusrau reports his victory to Kay Kavus
    The execution of Garsivaz
    Afrasiyab flees from Hum
    Kay Kavus and Kay Khusrau come to Hum
    Afrasiyab begs Kay Khusrau for mercy
    Kay Khusrau defeats and kills the King of Makran
    Zal and Rustam advise Kay Khusrau
    Rustam counsels Kay Khusrau on combat with Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab crosses Lake Zara
    Kay Khusrau replies to Jahn
    Rustam takes Jahn and Garsivaz prisoner
    Kay Kavus and Kay Khusrau celebrate their return to Iran
    Kay Khusrau receives a reply from Kay Kavus
    Kay Khusrau visits Siyavushgird and mourns for his father
    Kay Khusrau gives advice to the Iranians
    Burzi-aila flees from Kay Khusrau
    The Turanian prisoners before Kay Kavus
    Kay Khusrau sends messages to the Faghfur of Chin and the King of Makran
    Afrasiyab turns in flight
    Afrasiyab writes to the Faghfur of Chin
    Afrasiyab learns of the killing of Piran
    Kay Khusrau kills Shida
    Kay Khusrau makes Ashkash govenor of Makran
    Kay Khusrau crosses Lake Zara
    Kay Khusrau sends the bounty to Kay Kavus
    Afrasiyab rises from the water as Garsivaz is tortured
    Kay Khusrau appoints Jahn as the king of Turan
    The war between the Iranians and the Turanians
    Hum captures Afrasiyab
    Kay Khusrau grants an audience to Rustam and Zal
    Rustam and other champions searching in the mountains for their comrades lost in the snow
    Kay Khusrau returns from Turan to Iran
    Kay Kavus and Kay Khusrau meet and discuss the elimination of Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab seeks refuge in Gang Bihisht
    Kay Khusrau fights Afrasiyab again
    Kay Khusrau receives a messenger from Gustaham
    Kay Khusrau writes to Kay Kavus with news of his victory
    Zal apologises to Kay Khusrau
    Jahn arrives with a message from Afrasiyab
    The execution of Afrasiyab
    Afrasiyab writes to Kay Khusrau
    Kay Khusrau returns from Gang Dizh by sea
    Kay Khusrau's champions lost in the snow
    Kay Khusrau sends his answer to Afrasiyab
    The armies of Iran and Turan draw up their battle lines
    Kay Khusrau kills Aila
    Shida (Pashang) comes to his father Afrasiyab
    Kay Khusrau rides into the desert with his followers
    The testament of Kay Khusrau to Gudarz
    Afrasiyab comes to Gang Dizh
    Kay Khusrau says a final farewell to his loyal comanders
    Kay Khusrau kills Astaqila
    Kay Khusrau bids farewell to his harem
    Kay Khusrau gives legacy to Tus
    The Iranians repel Afrasiyab's night attack
    In praise of Sultan Mahmud
    The courtiers investigate the problems of Kay Khusrau
    Kay Khusrau crosses the Oxus
    Afrasiyab is taken out of the water
    Kay Khusrau replies to Zal
    Luhrasp hears of Kay Khusrau's disappearance
    Zal reproaches Kay Khusrau
    Kay Khusrau learns about Afrasiyab's intention for war
    Kay Khusrau fights Shida
    Kay Khusrau reaches Gang Dizh
    The death of Kay Kavus
    Kay Khusrau encounters Astaqila, Aila and Burzi-aila
14 Luhrasp (120 years)  
    Caesar demands tribute from Kay Khusrau
    Gushtasp meets Zarir
    Luhrasp receives Zarir and Gushtasp on their return from Rum
    Gushtasp catches Kitayun's eye at Caesar's court
    Caesar realises the true identity of Gushtasp
    Luhrasp speaks with his son Gushtasp
    Caesar demands tribute from Ilyas
    Gushtasp plays polo before Caesar
    Gushtasp goes to Rum
    Gushtasp seeks work in Rum with the smith Burab
    Gushtasp kills Ilyas in combat
    Zarir arrives at Caesar's court
    Introducing the story of Kitayun
    Gushtasp reaches Rum
    Luhrasp builds a fire temple in Balkh
    Gushtasp leading the captive Ilyas to Caesar (not in SN)
    Gushtasp seeks the hand of Ahran, Caesar's third daughter
    Gushtasp kills a dragon in Rum
    Caesar discusses Zarir's message from Luhrasp
    Caesar offers Katayun to Gushtasp in marriage
    Caesar deliberates on whether to offer his daughter to Gushtasp
    Luhrasp enthroned
    Caesar's assembly does not please Kitayun
    The dihqan takes Gushtasp to his home
    Gushtasp prefers Mirian, the other of daughter of Caesar
    Gushtasp kills a wolf in Rum
    Gushtasp before Caesar
    Gushtasp defeats Ilyas
    Gushtasp feasts with Luhrasp
15 Gushtasp (120 years)  
    Isfandiyar mourned
    Isfandiyar sends Bahman to talk to Rustam
    Sultan Mahmud holds court
    Rustam kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman
    Pashutan attacks Ruyin Dizh
    Zal counsels Rustam
    Gushtasp receives Zardusht and converts to the new faith
    Firdausi sees Daqiqi in a dream
    Rustam kills Shaghad before dying
    The first combat of Rustam and Isfandiyar
    The Simurgh healing Rakhsh's wounds
    Isfandiyar fights the Turanians
    Rustam sending his answer to Bahman
    Zal learns of Rustam's death
    Rustam and Isfandiyar parley
    Isfandiyar does not offer hospitality to Rustam
    Arjasp's army sacks Balkh
    Rustam feasts with Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar gives thanks for God for helping him to kill the wolves
    Gushtasp puts Isfandiyar in chains
    Rustam goes to Kabul to see his brother
    Faramarz mourns Rustam and Zavara
    Isfandiyar writes to Gushtasp and receives his reply
    Rustam sends Bahman back to Iran
    Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow
    Gurazm slanders Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar returns home after his exploits
    The ablution and annointment of Rustam's body
    The Simurgh tells Rustam how to overcome Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar belittles the lineage of Rustam
    Isfandiyar in Ruyin Dizh (CHECK ?DUPL)
    The battle between Gushtasp and Arjasp
    Bahman returns to Isfandiyar
    The King of Kabul digs a pit in the hunting grounds to trap Rustam and Zavara
    The dying Isfandiyar advises Rustam
    Jamasp comes to Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar apologises for not inviting Rustam
    Faramarz leads his army against the Shah of Kabul
    Isfandiyar before Gushtasp
    Isfandiyar demands the kingdom from his father Gushtasp
    Gushtasp receives Isfandiyar on his return from the Haft Khvan
    Isfandiyar and Pashutan discuss the coming fight with Rustam
    Arjasp writes to Gushtasp
    Nivzar dies in battle
    Isfandiyar's fifth labour: he kills the Simurgh
    Isfandiyar's first labour: he fights the wolves
    Rustam seeks counsel from his kinsmen
    Isfandiyar kills Arjasp to rescue his sisters
    Firdausi reproaches Daqiqi and praises Mahmud
    Arjasp's envoys return with Gushtasp's reply
    Isfandiyar's seventh labour: Gurgsar leads him across the lake to Ruyin Dizh (the Brazen Hold)
    Arjasp seeks volunteers to fight Zarir
    Isfandiyar shoots Rustam and Rakhsh (DUPL)
    Isfandiyar on the march to Zabul
    Luhrasp goes to Balkh and retires from the throne
    Zal summons the Simurgh to restore Rakhsh and Rustam to health
    Gushtasp sends Isfandiyar to war against Arjasp a second time
    Isfandiyar's fourth labour: he kills the sorceress
    Rustam boasts again of his lineage
    Gushtasp assembles his army
    The coronation of Bahman
    Gushtasp rejects the demand for tribute by Arjasp
    Gushtasp sends Isfandiyar to spread Zoroastrianism
    An attendant snatches the snake from the delirious Rudaba
    Rustam with the dying Isfandiyar (DUPL)
    Gushtasp goes to Sistan and fights Arjasp again
    The horsemen of Arjasp fight Luhrasp
    Isfandiyar's father summons him
    Gurgsar brought captive before Isfandiyar
    The battle between the forces of Isfandiyar and Kuhram
    Garami son of Jamasp seizes the Iranian standard but is killed
    Rustam returns to his quarters
    Kuhram returns to Arjasp's fortress
    Introducing the story of Rustam and Shaghad
    Rustam addresses Isfandiyar's tent
    Gushtasp received in Sistan by Zal and Rustam
    Bidarafsh kills Zarir, the brother of Gushtasp
    Rustam boasts before his trial of strength with Isfandiyar
    The execution of Kuhram and Andariman
    Isfandiyar pardons the Turks
    Isfandiyar boasts about his own lineage
    Faramarz burns Shaghad's body
    Isfandiyar finds his brother Farshidvard
    Rustam retreats from his first battle with Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar lassoes the Turanian hero Gurgsar
    Katayun gives advice to Isfandiyar
    Arjasp's head is flung from the Brazen Hold
    Arjasp defeats Gushtasp
    Isfandiyar's sixth labour: he escapes from a snow storm
    Zavara and Faramarz kill Isfandiyar's sons Nush-Azar and Mihr-i Nush
    Isfandiyar discusses the coming conflict with Rustam with his brother Pashutan
    Arjasp flees from Gushtasp in combat
    Isfandiyar's third labour: he fights the dragon
    Bahman delivers Isfandiyar's message to Rustam
    Gushtasp replies to his son, Isfandiyar
    Zarir attacks Arjasp's army
    Gushtasp learns about the killing of Luhrasp
    The servant takes away the snake from Rudaba (DUPL)
    Isfandiyar comes to Gushtasp (CHECK LINES)
    Isfandiyar besieges Arjasp's fortress
    Rustam meets Isfandiyar (?)
    Isfandiyar bathes in the river after his second labour
    Rustam falls into a pit
    Nastur challenges the Turanians
    Rustam and Isfandiyar fight again
    Gushtasp consults with Arjasp over the fate of Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar reaches Ruyin Dizh
    Garami son of Jamasp attacking the enemy
    Rustam boasts about his exploits and his lineage
    Isfandiyar in consultation with Gurgsar
    The massacre of the defeated Turanian forces
    Zal greets Bahman
    Rustam and Zavara fall into the trap
    Isfandiyar kills Bidarafsh
    Bidarafsh volunteers to fight Zarir
    Arjasp flees from the battlefield
    The Simurgh heals Rustam's wounds
    Gushtasp enthroned
    Jamasp releases Isfandiyar
    Bastur son of Zarir attacks the Turanians
    Jamasp discusses the outcome of the fight with Gushtasp
    Isfandiyar questions Gurgsar about the Brazen Fortress
    The death of Luhrasp in battle against the forces of Arjasp
    Rustam and Rakhsh wounded by the arrows of Isfandiyar
    Arjasp sends an envoy to Gushtasp
    Isfandiyar kills Gurgsar during the seventh labour
    Zarir replies to Arjasp
    Introducing the story of the battle of Rustam and Isfandiyar
    Isfandiyar throws Kuhram from his saddle
    Rustam boasts about his strength
    Gushtasp returns to Balkh
    The start of the battle between the armies of Gushtasp and Arjasp
    Nush-Azar kills Tarkhan
    Isfandiyar's second labour: he fights the lions
    Isfandiyar's sisters recognize him in merchant's clothes
    Luhrasp assassinated (mispl)
    Isfandiyar goes to war against Arjasp
    Isfandiyar disguised as a merchant before Arjasp
    Rustam argues with Isfandiyar during the feast (CHECK)
    Bastur challenges the Turanians
16 Bahman son of Isfandiyar (99 years)  
    Pashutan advises Bahman to forsake revenge against Rustam's family
    Bahman releases Zal from bonds
    The execution of Faramarz
    Bahman fights Faramarz
    Pashutan persuades Bahman to free Zal (DUPL)
    Bahman marries his own daughter, Humay
    Bahman takes Zal prisoner
    Bahman seeks revenge for the death of Isfandiyar
    Humay enthroned by order of her father Bahman
17 Humay (32 years)  
    Humay recognizes the child as her son
    Darab receives the crown
    The laundryman rescues Darab from the water
    Darab approaches the fortress of Faylakus
    Humay puts her son in a box in the river
    Humay bequeaths the throne to Darab
    Darab goes to Rum and fights with Faylakus
    Darab and Rashnavad fight the Rumis
    Rashnavad reviews his troops
    Rashnavad finds Darab asleep by a ruined castle
    Darab questions the launderer's wife about his parents
    Darab rewards his foster parents
18 Darab (12 years)  
    The birth of Iskandar's horse
    The accession of Darab
    Iskandar fed by his mother; Iskandar's newly born horse fed by his mother
    Darab defeats the army of Sha'ib
    Darab constructs the city of Darabgird
    Darab fights against Faylakus and marries his daughter
    Faylakus learns about the birth of Iskandar
    Iskandar is fed by his mother
19 Dara son of Darab (14 years)  
    The first battle of Iskandar against Dara
    The third battle between the armies of Iskandar and Dara
    The death of Faylakus and the enthronment of Iskandar
    Iskandar with Dara
    Iskandar attends the dying Dara
    Iskandar executes Dara's murderers
    Dara is killed by his own ministers
    Dara writes to Iskandar for a truce
    The second battle of Iskandar against Dara
    The enthronement of Dara, son of Darab
    Iskandar writes to the leaders of Iran
20 Iskandar (14 years)  
    Iskandar attacks the castle of Faryan on his way towards Andalus
    Iskandar kills a dragon
    Iskandar writes to Queen Qaydafa
    Iskandar in Abyssinia
    Mihran predicts Iskandar's coming to Kayd
    Iskandar visits the Ka'ba
    Iskandar returns from China
    Iskandar takes his army to the west
    Iskandar and his men are attacked by sea serpents and wild boars
    Iskandar on the throne of Hindustan
    Iskandar's envoys see the daughter of King Kayd (CHECK ORDER HERE = 0770??)
    Iskandar signs a treaty with Queen Qaydafa and returns
    Iskandar dies in Babylon
    Iskandar sees a dead man in the palace of Yaqut-zard
    Kayd, the King of Hind, tells his dreams to his vizier, Mihran
    Iskandar enthroned with Taynush
    Iskandar and his troops take stones from the Black Mountain and emerge from the land of darkness
    Iskandar builds a wall against Gog and Magog
    Iskandar writes to Aristotle and receives a reply
    Iskandar frees Qaydarus, son of Qaydafa, with the help of his vizier, Bitqun.
    Iskandar challenges Fur to single combat
    Approaching Babylon Iskandar meets Gushbistar
    Iskandar dictates a letter to Dilaray, mother of Raushanak
    Iskandar mourned
    Battle between the armies of Iskandar and the Fur
    Kayd gets his daughter ready for Iskandar
    Iskandar enthroned
    Iskandar in the land of the Brahmins
    Iskandar visits Qaydafa disguised as a messenger
    Iskandar with Queen Qaydafa and her court
    Iskandar sends nine wisemen to see the four wonders of India
    Iskandar tests the Indian physicians
    Iskandar sends a letter to the women of Hurum
    In Babylon Iskandar sees the stillborn baby, omen of his death
    Iskandar emerges from the Land of Darkness
    Iskandar marries Raushanak
    Iskandar writes to Aristotle (DUPL)
    Iskandar tests the crystal ball of Keyd
    Iskandar and the sage Khizr seek the Fountain of Life
    Iskandar writes to and counsels his mother
    Iskandar defeats the soft-foot people
    Iskandar sees the marvels of the eastern sea
    Iskandar dictates a letter to Kayd
    Firdausi laments his old age
    Iskandar the Indian philosopher
    Iskandar kills Fur
    Queen Qaydafa receives a portrait of Iskandar
    Iskandar and the talking birds
    Taynush enthroned
    Iskandar writes to the Fur of Hind
    Iskandar draws up his forces for the attack on the Fur
    Iskandar sends a letter to the Faghfur of China
    Iskandar fights the women of Hurum
    Iskandar builds iron cavalry to counter the massive Indian elephants
    Iskandar sees the wonders of the city of Hurum
    Iskandar and the talking tree
    Khizr at the Fountain of Life
    Iskandar asks Dara's mother, Dilaray, to bring Raushanak for him as a wife (DUPL)
    The Faghfur of Chin responds to Iskandar's envoy
    The nine wisemen bring Kayd's daughter from India
    Iskandar encounters Israfil
    The great sages mourn the death of Iskandar
    Iskandar reaches the land of Sind and launches a battle
    Iskandar sees a dead man in a palace
    Kayd has ten dreams
    Iskandar quarrels with Qaydafa's son Taynush
    Battle between the armies of Iskandar and Fur
    Iskandar with Queen Qaydafa
    Iskandar sees the marvels of the western sea
21 The Ashkanians (200 years)  
    Ardavan led captive before Ardashir
    Ardavan disgraces Ardashir in their dispute over game
    Ardashir comes to the court of Ardavan
    Ardashir and Ardavan fight
    Ardashir is defeated by Haftvad
    Encounter of Ardavan and Ardashir (CHECK)
    Babak summons Sasan the shepherd, father of Ardashir
    Gulnar sees Ardashir and falls in love with him
    Haftvad's daughter spinning in the garden
    Ardashir hangs Haftvad and his eldest son Shahuy
    Ardashir views Haftvad's castle
    In praise of Sultan Mahmud
    Ardashir kills Mihrak Nushzad
    The birth of Ardashir Babakan
    Ardashir defeats Bahman
    Ardashir pours molten lead down the worm's throat
    Mihrak son of Nushzad plunders Ardashir's palace
    The story of Haftvad's daughter
    Ardashir meets Gulnar
    The start of the reign of the Ashkanians
    The capture of the two sons of Ardavan
    Ardashir comes to Fars by sea
    Gulnar flees with Ardashir
    The execution of Ardavan by Ardashir
    Ardavan learns about Ardashir and Gulnar
    Ardashir assembles an army
    Ardashir hunts with Ardavan's sons
    Ardashir fights the Kurds
22 The Sassanians: Ardashir Babakan (42 years)  
    Ardashir Babakan enthroned
    Mihrak's daughter converses with Shapur
    Ardashir sees his fortune from the Kayd of Hind
    Hurmuzd before Shapur during a polo game
    Ardashir recognizes Shapur during a polo game
    Ardashir cedes the throne to Shapur
    Ardashir gives advice to the Iranian people
    Ardavan's daughter tries to poison her husband Ardashir
    Ardashir's arrangements for his rule
    Ardashir and Ardavan's daughter enthroned
    Ardashir gives advice to the Iranian elder leaders
    Kharrad praises Ardashir
    Ardashir's minister stands before him
22* Shapur son of Ardashir (31 years)  
    Shapur gives advice to his son
    The battle between the armies of Shapur and Rum
    Shapur son of Ardashir enthroned
23 Urmuzd son of Shapur (1 year, 2 months)  
    Urmuzd dies
    Urmuzd enthroned
24 Bahram son of Urmuzd (3 years, 3 months, 3 days)  
    Bahram gives his throne to his son and dies
    Bahram enthroned
25 Bahram son of Bahram (19 years)  
    Bahram son of Bahram enthroned
26 Bahram Bahramiyan (4 months)  
    Bahram III, son of Bahramiyan enthroned
27 Narsi son of Bahram (9 years)  
    Narsi enthroned
28 Urmuzd son of Narsi (9 years)  
    Urmuzd son of Narsi enthroned
29 Shapur Zul-aktaf (72 years)  
    Shapur besieges the city of the Arabian King Ta'ir
    The Iranians recognize Shapur and rally round him
    Ta'ir captive before Shapur
    Shapur executes Mani
    Shapur Dhu'l Aktaf enthroned
    Shapur goes to the court of Caesar
    Baranush goes to Shapur and signs a treaty
    Shapur imprisoned in an ass's skin at the court of Caesar
    Shapur flees from Rum and reaches Iran
    Ta'ir abducts Narsi's daughter and Shapur goes to fight him
    Shapur freed from Caesar's prison by the slavegirl
    Shapur captures the King of Rum
    Malika falls in love with Shapur
    Shapur names his brother, Ardashir, as crown prince
    Shapur cuts the nose and ears of the King of Rum
    Shapur cuts off the hands and feet of his captives
    Shapur besieges Nisibin
    Baranush gains the throne of Rum and writes to Shapur
    The King of Rum captive before Shapur
    Shapur's night attack on Caesar's camp
    Ta'ir beheaded before Shapur
    Shapur fights the brother of Caesar
    Ta'ir's daughter falls in love with Shapur while he is fighting with her father in Yaman
30 None  
31 Ardashir the Good (12 years)  
    Ardashir Nikukar enthroned
32 Shapur son of Shapur (5 years, 4 months)  
    Shapur son of Shapur enthroned
33 Bahram son of Shapur (14 years)  
    Bahram son of Shapur enthroned
34 Yazdagird the Sinner (21 years)  
    Bahram Gur shows his prowess on the hunting grounds
    Bahram Gur's mount tramples Azada
    Bahram Gur tells the Iranians about his credentials
    Bahram Gur enthroned after killing the lions
    Bahram Gur, Munzir and Nu'man receive a Persian delegation at Jahrum
    Bahram Gur hunts in the company of Azada
    Azada plays for Bahram Gur (not in SN?)
    Bahram Gur hunting birds (without Azada) (CHECK)
    Munzir presents Bahram with some beautiful slave girls
    A sea monster kills Yazdagird
    Bahram comes with Nu'man to his father Yazdagird
    Bahram Gur fights two lions to win the throne
    The Iranians write to Munzir and receive a reply
    Yazdagird arrests Bahram and returns him to Munzir
    Yazdagird's body is taken back to Fars
    Yazdagird the Sinner enthroned
    The birth of Bahram, the son of Yazdagird
    Yazdagird presents a robe of honour to Munzir the Arab
    Nu'man puts Khusrau on the throne
    Bahram Gur learns about the death of his father, Yazdagird
35 Bahram Gur (1) (63 years)  
    The Khaqan of Chin attacks Iran
    Bahram Gur and Mihr Bandad
    A drunken shoemaker rides on Bahram Gur's escaped lion
    Bahram Gur hunts lions
    Bahram Gur dismisses Munzir and Nu'man
    Bahran Gur and the shopkeeper with his son
    Bahram Gur fights the Khaqan of Chin
    Bahram Gur goes to the house of the jeweller
    Bahram Gur in the dihqan's garden
    Bahram Gur enthroned
    Bahram Gur kills the dragon that had killed a youth
    Lambak the water carrier entertains Bahram Gur
    A crow picks out the eyes of the drunken Kabruy
    Bahram Gur hunts lion
    Bahram Gur and Mahyar listen to Arzu's harp playing
    Bahram Gur hunts onagers
    Bahram Gur and one of the miller's daughters (variant)
    The mobads rebuke Bahram Gur for his cruelty after the lion hunt
    Bahram Gur skewers a doe and buck while hunting
    Bahram Gur captures the Khaqan of Chin
    Bahram Gur writes to his brother, Narsi
    Bahram Gur finds Jamshid's treasures
    Bahram Gur goes to the hunting grounds
    Bahram Gur marries Arzu, the daughter of Mahyar the jeweller
    Bahram Gur writes to his officials
    Bahram Gur reaches the border of Iran and Turan
    Bahram Gur permits drinking wine
    The destruction and reconstruction of the village by Bahram Gur
    Bahram Gur with Barzin's daughters
    Bahram Gur rests in the vestibule of Baraham
    Bahram Gur and the drunken Kabruy
    Bahram Gur encounters a shepherd, who tells him of the jeweller's daughter
    Bahram Gur meets a shepherd who tells him about the jeweller's daughter
    Bahram Gur helps the landlord's cow to produce milk again
    Bahram Gur satisfies Baraham the Jew's request
    Baraham the Jew makes Bahram Gur sweep up horse droppings
    Bahram Gur and Farshidvard
    Bahram Gur returns to Iran
    Bahram Gur and the miller's daughters
    Bahram Gur, the shopkeeper and his apprentice
    Bahram Gur and the cow whose milk runs dry
35b Bahram Gur (2)  
    Bahram Gur kills a wolf in Hindustan (DUPL)
    Bahram Gur and the Faghfur of Chin exchange messages
    Bahram Gur bequeaths his kingdom to Yazdagird
    Shangul gets suspicious of the envoy's identity
    Bahram Gur kills a monkey-lion before the throne of Shapur of India (CHECK)
    Bahram Gur writes to Shangul, the King of Hind
    Bahram Gur talks with his generals
    Shangul entertains Bahram Gur
    Bahram Gur distributes tribute to the rich landowners
    Bahram Gur kills a wolf in India
    Shangul receives the letter from Bahram (CHECK)
    Shangul replies to Bahram Gur's letter
    Bahram Gur goes to Hindustan disguised as his own envoy
    Bahram Gur appoints Narsi Viceroy of Khurasan
    Bahram Gur kills a dragon in India
    Shangul learns the identity of Bahram Gur and is reconciled with him
    Shangal receives Bahram Gur after he has killed the wolf
    Bahram Gur wrestles before Shangul
    Shangul invites Bahram Gur to a feast
    Bahram Gur is hailed by the Iranians
    Bahram Gur leaves Hindustan with Sapinud
    Bahram Gur entertains Shangul and the seven monarchs
    Bahram Gur dismisses Caesar's envoy
    Bahram Gur receives Caesar's envoy
    Shangul returns from Iran to Hindustan
    Bahram Gur calls the Luris from Hindustan
    Bahram Gur asks Shangul to give him his daughter Sapinud as a wife
36 Yazdagird son of Bahram Gur (18 years)  
    Yazdagird II son of Bahram Gur enthroned
37 Hurmuz son of Yazdagird (1 year, 1 month)  
    Hurmuzd son of Yazdagird enthroned
38 Piruz son of Yazdagird (11 years, 4 months)  
    Khushnavaz writes to Piruz
    Piruz and his army fall into a pit and die
    Piruz son of Yazdagird enthroned
    The battle between Khushnavaz and Piruz
    Piruz fights the Turanians
39 Balash son of Piruz (5 years, 1 month, 6 days)  
    Balash gives advice to the Iranians
    Sufaray's messenger returns to Khushnavaz
    Balash enthroned
    Sufaray writes to Khushnavaz
    Qubad returns to Iran
    Khushnavaz flees from Sufaray
    Sufaray receives Khushnavaz's envoy to negotiate terms
    Khushnavaz fights Sufaray
40 Qubad son of Piruz (40 years)  
    Razmihr helps Qubad escape to the Haytaliyan
    Qubad arrested and replaced by Jamasp
    Shapur investigates the threat posed by Sufaray
    Qubad names Anushirvan as crown prince
    The execution of Sufaray
    Anushirvan executes Mazdak and his followers
    Firdausi laments his old age
    Qubad son of Piruz enthroned
    Qubad returns from the Haytal and the birth of Anushirvan
    Anushirvan debates with Mazdak
    Mazdak discusses his philosophy before Qubad
    Shapur leads Sufaray before Qubad
    The Iranians slander Sufaray before Qubad
41 Kisra Anushirvan (48 years)  
    The mobads question Hurmuzd and receive answers
    Buzurjmihr invents the game of backgammon and shows how it is played
    Aushirvan learns about the Haytalians and goes to war against them
    Anushirvan receives the Khaqan's daughter
    Anushirvan gives advice to his son, Hurmuzd
    Anushirvan raises an army against Caesar
    The battle between the armies of Chin and Haytal
    Buzurjmihr predicts the contents of the locked chest
    Anushirvan displays his prowess before Babak
    Anushirvan marches on Qalinius
    Anushirvan enthroned
    Anushirvan's sixth majlis for Buzurjmihr and the mobads
    Anushirvan divides his kingship into four parts
    Anushirvan marches on Rum and takes a loan from the merchants
    Anushirvan sits before the chessboard sent by the Raja of Hind
    The victorious Aushirvan returns to Iran
    Anushirvan dictates an answer to the Khaqan's letter
    Nushzad, the son Anushirvan, and the Christian woman
    Anushirvan consults the Magi
    Talhand dies on the back of his elephant during the battle
    Anushirvan's testament to his son Hurmuzd
    The creation of the game chess on behalf of the mother of Talhand
    The war between Gav and Talhand
    Anushirvan sacks the fortress of Arayish-i Rum
    Anushirvan orders the pillaging and destruction of Mahbud's family
    Anushirvan falls sick and Nushzad rebels against him
    Buzurjmihr explains to Anushirvan what is kardar-u guftar-i nik
    The Khaqan of Chin writes to Aushirvan and offers his daughter for marriage
    Anushirvan reveals the sorcery of Zurvan and the Jew
    Anushirvan replies to the mobads
    The defeated Haytalians decide to go to Anushirvan
    On the justice and culture of Aushirvan
    Barzu brings the book "Kalila and Dimna" to Anushirvan
    The retreat of the Khaqan of Chin, and Anushirvan goes to Ctesiphon
    Anushirvan finds a young man in his harem
    Gav looks at Talhand's body on the battlefield
    The mobad Babak attempts to muster the troops
    Mihran Sitad asks the Khaqan to give his daughter to Anushirvan as a wife
    Aushirvan's third majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Gav and Talhand's forces fight for a second time
    Caesar's son receives Anushirvan's letter
    Anushirvan and Farfuryus fight
    Anushirvan returns to his reign
    Anushirvan receives Mihras, Caesar's envoy
    Anushirvan writes to his officials
    Anushirvan's first majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Gav asks Talhand to stop the battle
    Anushirvan selects horses to go to the hunting ground
    Anushirvan names his son, Hurmuzd, as crown prince
    Anushirvan executes Zarvan and the Jew
    Anushirvan's fifth majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Nushzad killed in battle with Ram Barzin
    The Khaqan of Chin receives Anushirvan's reply
    Anushirvan receives tribute
    Aushirvan sends Mihran to the Khaqan of Chin
    Gav and Talhand and the discovery of the game of chess
    Anushirvan's seventh majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Anushirvan executes a young man and his half-sister in his harem
    Buzurjmihr demonstrates how to play the game of chess
    Anushirvan establishes peace
    Anushirvan receives Caesar's locked chest and other presents
    Anushirvan's second majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Gav makes a coffin for his brother Gav and escorts it from the battlefield
    Buzurjmihr interprets a dream for Anushirvan about a youth in his harem
    Gav and Talhand dispose their troops before their second battle
    Nushzad gathers his army to fight Ram Barzin
    Aushirvan builds a city like Antakia to imprison the Rumis
    Piruz Shir advises Nushzad not to rebel against Anushirvan
    Anushirvan receives the delegation from Gilan
    Anushirvan builds the city of Sharsan Sursan
    Anushirvan's messenger delivers a letter Ram Barzin
    Talhand's mother learns of his death
    Aushirvan assembles the army for war against the Khaqan of Chin
    Aushirvan's fourth majlis for Buzurjmihr
    Aushirvan has a dream
    Gav and Talhand enthroned
    Buzurjmihr advises Anushirvan
    Buzurjmihr disgraced
    Caesar's envoys before Anushirvan
    Anushirvan interrogates Zarvan about his role in Mahbud's murder
    Aushirvan writes to Caesar and receives a reply
    Anushirvan's seal
    Buzurjmihr shows the Indian how to play backgammon
    Buzurjmihr under the tree with the speaking snake
42 Hurmuzd (14 years)  
    Ayin Gushtasp is murdered
    Bahram Chubina defeats the army of Sava Shah
    Bahram Chubina and the woman hay-seller
    The Khaqan of Chin and Shah Hurmuzd parley
    Hurmuzd sends Kharrad Barzin to Sava Shah
    Hurmuzd enthroned
    Bahram Chubina at the castle of the Fortune Teller
    Bahram Chubina consults with his generals
    The Persians under Kharrad defeat the Khazars in Armenia
    Hurmuzd learns about the treachery of Bahram Chubina
    Hurmuzd kills Sima Barzin and Bahram Azar Mahan
    Hurmuzd watches a polo game
    Bahram Chubina writes to Hurmuzd and Khusrau Parviz flees
    Ayin Gushasp's assassin is executed by Bahram Chubina
    Bahram Chubina mints coins in the name of Khusrau Parviz
    Ayin Gushasp's head is brought before Bahram Chubina by his murderer
    Mihran Sitad recommends Bahram Chubina to Hurmuzd
    Bahram Chubina kills the magician
    Bahram Chubina asks Hurmuzd to forgive Parmuda
    Sava Shah assembles his army for war against Hurmuzd
    Kharrad Barzin informs Hurmuzd of the deeds of Bahram Chubina
    Bahram Chubina kills the fleeing Sava Shah
    Bahram Chubina goes to fight Sava Shah
    Bahram Chubina has a dream
    Parmuda seeks refuge with Bahram Chubina
    Gurdiya advises her brother Bahram Chubina
    Hurmuzd forces his high priest to eat poisoned food
    Bahram Chubina sends Sava Shah's head to Hurmuzd
    Hurmuzd receives Anushirvan's sealed casket
    Introducing the reign of Hurmuzd
    Sava Shah sends a message to Bahram Chubina
    Bahram Chubina wears the woman's clothes sent by Hurmuzd
    Bahram Chubina fights Parmuda, the son of Sava Shah
    Sava Shah sends a second message to Bahram Chubina
    Binduy and Gustaham blind Hurmuzd
    Bahram Chubina acts as a king
    Hurmuzd appoints Bahram Chubina as general
    Bahram Chubina replies to Sava Shah
    Hurmuzd turns from injustice to justice
    Bahram Chubina learns his fortune
    The anger of Bahram Chubina against Parmuda
43 Khusrau Parviz (38 years)  
    Bahram Chubina kills Kut the Roman
    Bahram Chubina and the Khaqan of Chin
    Shiruy's supporters take Khusrau captive
    Khusrau Parviz drafts a treaty and sends it to Caesar
    Bahram Chubina given wine by the old woman
    The angel Surush rescues Khusrau Parviz
    Kharrad Barzin sends Qulun to Bahram Chubina
    Caesar receives Khusrau Parviz's ambassadors
    Gustaham defies the order of Khusrau Parviz
    Bahram Chubina and Khusrau Parviz fight a fourth time
    Qalun is arrested and beaten to death
    Khusrau Parviz gets advice from his officials
    Khusrau Parviz meets the monk
    Bahram Chubina and Khusrau fight on a mountain
    Khusrau Parviz sends Kharrad Barzin to the Khaqan of Chin
    The monkey-lion devours the Khaqan's daughter
    Khusrau Parviz enthroned
    Gurdiya counsels to her brother, Bahram Chubina
    Bahram Chubina kills Maqatura
    Khusrau Parviz consults his generals and mobads
    Khusrau Parviz with the gardener
    Bahram Chubina's night attack on the camp of Khusrau Parviz
    Khusrau and Shirin
    Gurdiya is given a warm reception by Khusrau Parviz
    Banduy flees from Bahram Chubina
    The Khaqan of Chin learns of the death of Bahram Chubina
    Bahram Chubina learns about the return of Khusrau Parviz
    Zad Farrukh asks Khusrau Parviz to give his throne to his son Shiruy
    Khusrau Parviz replies to Caesar's answer
    Khusrau Parviz builds the Palace of Mada'in
    Gurdiya speaks with Tuvurg
    Shiruy freed from captivity
    Khusrau Parviz executes Banduy
    Khusrau Parviz approaches a fire temple
    Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina meet
    Gurdiya mourns for her brother Bahram Chubina
    Khusrau Parviz goes to Rum
    The army turns against Khusrau Parviz
    Khusrau Parviz and Shirin in his palace
    The Khaqan and his wife fete Bahram Chubina
    The Rumis make a talisman
    Caesar consults astrologers
    Bahram Chubina's horse is killed under him
    Khusrau Parviz divides his kingdom
    The coronation of Shiruy (Qubad)
    Bahram Chubina kills the monkey-lion
    Khusrau Parviz praises Gurdiya
    Khusrau Parviz writes to Caesar and receives a reply
    Niatus's anger against Banduy and the mediation of Maryam
    Bahram son of Siyavush brings Banduy before Bahram Chubina
    Shirin greets Khusrau Parviz on his way to the hunt
    Khaqan Chin assembles his army
    The Khaqan of Chin writes to Gurdiya
    Gurdiya writes to Khusrau Parviz
    Caesar writes again to Khusrau Parviz
    Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina dispute kingship rights
    Gurdiya kills Tuvurg
    Khusrau Parviz learns about the rebellion of the army
    Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina fight a second time
    The birth of Shiruy, the son of Khusrau Parviz
    The city of Ray in ruins
    Khusrau Parviz receives the reply of Caesar
    The war between the generals of Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina
    Gurdiya kills Gustaham
    Bahram Chubina captures Nastuh
    Gurdiya tells Khusrau Parviz of her achievements
    Introducing the reign of Khusrau Parviz
    Gustaham in conversation with the weeping talisman
    Khusrau Parviz goes to war in Azarbaijan
    Bahram Chubina defeated in his third battle with Khusrau
    Niatus returns to Caesar from Iran
    Bahram Chubina enthroned
    Bahram Chubina kills Bahram, son of Siyavush while playing polo
    Khusrau Parviz writes to Caesar and receives his reply
    Khusrau Parviz reviews the troops brought by Niatus from Rum
    Kharrad Barzin investigates the weeping talisman and reveals its secret
    The Khaqan of Chin offers his own daughter to Bahram Chubina
    Shiruy's followers find Khusrau Parviz in the garden
    The Iranians want Bahram Chubina on the throne
    Firdausi mourns the death of his son
    Bahram Chubina and Khusrau Parviz fight for the third time
    Khusrau Parviz arrives in Rum
    Maryam is killed by Shirin and Khusrau Parviz jails Shiruy
    Khusrau Parviz hears from the monk again
    Khusrau Parviz constructs the throne of Taq Dis
    Khusrau Parviz learns about the deeds of Bahram Chubina
    The musician Barbad plays for Khusrau Parviz
    King Hurmuzd is assassinated
    On the greatness of Khusrau Parviz
    Bahram Chubina learns about Hurmuzd being blinded
    Khusrau Parviz goes hunting
    The captive Qulun mortally wounds Bahram Chubina
    Khusrau Parviz with Maryam
44 Qubad son of Parviz (7 months)  
    Shirin mourns Khusrau (not in SN?)
    Shiruy writes to Shirin and recives her reply
    Shirin attends the discussion at court behind a screen
    Mihr Hurmuzd murders Khusrau Parviz
    Shirin's testament
    The cutting tail and ears of the horse of Khusrau Parviz (? Not in SN)
    Barbad laments for Parviz
    The death of Shiruy
    Shiruy (Qubad) enthroned
    Shiruy is distressed at this father's words
    Shirin commits suicide by the coffin of Khusrau Parviz
    Shiruy surrounded by his supporters, hostile to his father Khusrau Parviz
    Mihr Hurmuzd offers to murder Khusrau Parviz
    Khusrau Parviz answers his son's charges
    Shirin unveils herself before Shiruy and his courtiers
45 Ardashir Shiruy (6 months)  
    Guraz is displeased at Ardashir's accession
    Ardashir enthroned
46 Farayin Guraz (50 days)  
    Fara'in is killed by Shahran Guraz
    Guraz enthroned
47 Purandukht (6 months)  
    The execution of Piruz son of Khusrau
    Purandukht (Turandukht) enthroned
48 Azarmdukht (4 months)  
    Azarmdukht enthroned
49 Farrukhzad (1 month)  
    Farrukhzad enthroned
50 Yazdagird (16 years)  
    Bizhan raises war against Mahuy
    Yazdagird goes to Tus and Mahuy gives him refuge
    The miller assassinates Yazdagird
    Sa'd-i Vaqqas kills Rustam
    Mahuy ascends the throne
    General Rustam writes to Sa'd-i Vaqqas
    Sa'd-i Vaqqas attacks Iran
    Yazdagird writes to Mahuy and the borderguards of Khurasan
    Yazdagird III consults and goes to Khurasan
    Yazdagird fights the troops of Bizhan the Turk
    Yazdagird hides in the mill
    Sa'd-i Vaqqas replies to Rustam's message
    Bizhan kills Mahuy to avenge Yazdagird
    Yazdagird III enthroned
    The date of the completion of the Shahnama


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