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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Laghudaṇḍaka


Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'> The word <i>daṇḍaka</i> in the title of this manuscript is a Jaina technical term referring to parametres relating to the description of living beings. The most common list, which is found here, has 24 terms in Prakrit: 1) type of body (<i>sarīra</i>), 2) extension (<i>ogāhaṇā</i>), 3) joining of the bones (<i>saṃghayaṇa</i>), 4) instincts, 5) form of the body (<i>saṃṭhāṇa</i>), 6) passions (<i>kasāya</i>), spiritual hue (<i>lessā</i>), 8) senses (<i>india</i>), 9) expulsion of atoms (<i>samugghāya</i>), 10) belief (<i>diṭṭhī</i>), 11) faith (<i>daṃsaṇa</i>), 12) knowledge (<i>nāṇa</i>), 13) negative knowledge, 14) activity (<i>joga</i>), 15) imagination (<i>uvaoga</i>), 16) mode of birth (<i>uvavāya</i>), 17) descent on earth (<i>cavaṇa</i>), 18) duration (<i>ṭhii</i>), 19) development (<i>pajjatti</i>), 20) which nourishment? (<i>kim-āhāre</i>), 21) consciousness (<i>sanni</i>), 22) destiny (<i>gaī</i>), 23) coming back (<i>āgai</i>), 24 sexual inclination (<i>vee</i>). This has been the starting point of a variety of works, among which the <i>Caturviṃśatidaṇḍaka</i> by Gajasāra stands as a classic. The present manuscript is a Gujarati explanation of the list in the wording found in the <i>Jīvābhigama</i>, one of the Upāṅgas of the Śvetāmbara canon, along with quotations of Prakrit verses. This manuscript was copied in Palanpur (Gujarat) in 1822 CE. <i>kapatāṃna mehajara śrīśrīśrīmahilasāhiba </i> of the colophon is Major Colonel William Miles (1780-1860) for whom this manuscript and also <a target='_blank' class='externalLink' href=''>Add. 1266.7</a> were copied when he was the British resident there. <a target='_blank' class='externalLink' href=''>Add.1266.6</a> was copied in the same place approximately one month before in the same year by the same monk. <a target='_blank' class='externalLink' href=''>Add. 1266.7</a> was copied in the same month in the same year but by another monk. It is likely that all of them, which have very similar scripts and layouts, were written for Major Colonel William Miles, who used their contents for his 1832 paper "On the Jainas of Gujerat and Mârwâr". </p>

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