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<p style='text-align: justify;'> A 17th-18th century manuscript of the <i>Ratnamālāvadāna</i>, a collection of <i>avadāna</i>s belonging to the cycle of king Aśoka and the monk Upagupta. The title given in the manuscript is <i>Avadānaratnamālā</i> (see the running marginal title under Marginalia). On the inside of the <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(2);return false;'>front cover</a>, a note written in Nepālākṣarā bears the date 903 in Nepāla Saṃvat, corresponding to 1783 CE. This date does not necessarily refer to the writing date of the manuscript, it might have been added by one of the owners, a certain Jayendraka (<i>śrī jayendrakasyedaṃ pu<i class='delim' style='font-style:normal; color:red'>[</i><i class='unclear' style='font-style:normal;' title='This text imperfectly legible in source'>sta</i><i class='delim' style='font-style:normal; color:red'>]</i>kaṃ saṃvat 903</i>). This manuscript has not been used by Takahata for his <i>editio princeps</i>. </p>

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