Sanskrit Manuscripts : Saṅgītatārodayacūḍāmaṇi, Vernacular work, Buddhist manual of devotion to various deities

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<p style='text-align: justify;'>A 17th-century paper manuscript of the <i>Saṅgītatārodayacūḍāmaṇi</i>, a work on music ascribed to Rāja Pratāpamalla (1641-1674), followed by a <i>Vernacular work</i> in 44 numbered verses and a <i>Buddhist manual of devotion to various deities</i>. The <i>Saṅgītatārodayacūḍāmaṇi</i> is "in two parts, but some of the first part appears to be missing, unless it be represented by the 5 verses on the <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(1);return false;'>outside cover</a> in a later hand, now almost illegible. The second part is (unlike the first) in numbered verses (110). It begins (<a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(6);return false;'>p. 6</a>) with a discussion of the <i>tāla</i> or musical time called <i>caccapuṭa</i> or <i>cācapuṭa</i> (Bendall 1883, 150)." The colophon, mainly in Newari, at the end of the <i>Saṅgītatārodayacūḍāmaṇi</i> gives the year (783 Nepāla / 1683 CE), "the day of writing as Sunday, and the scribe's name as Pūrṇacandra, reseident at the Dharmakīrti-vihāra, and father of 3 sons, Jayakalyāṇa, Jayakuçala, and Jayadh[a]rama (Bendall 1883, 150-151)." After the three main texts, "several other prayers, etc. are added, chiefly in the vernacular, or in Sanskrit (Bendall 1883, 151)" by various different hands.</p>

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