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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Sukhabodhanadīpikā

Puruṣottama Miśra, Puruṣottama Dīkṣita

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'><p>A paper manuscript of the <i>Sukhabodhanadīpikā</i> by Puruṣottama Miśra. This work, more commonly known as the <i>Subodhinī</i>, is a commentary on Sarvajñātman's <i>Saṃkṣepaśārīraka</i>, an 11th-century compendium in verses of the views held by Śaṅkara in his <i>Brahmasūtrabhāṣya</i>. The manuscript contains only the second and third <i>adhyāya</i>s.</p><p>Puruṣottama Miśra was the student of Rāmatīrtha (who also wrote a commentary on the same work), who has been assigned to the middle of the 16th century (Veezhinathan 1972: 7). Puruṣottama may well have lived towards the end of the 16th century. The text of the <i>Sukhabodhanadīpikā</i> was published in the Ānandāśrama Sanskrit Series. The same work is transmitted in Ms. Add. 1035, which contains the first and second <i>adhyāya</i>s.</p></p>

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