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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Śabdānuśāsanalaghuvṛttyavacūri

Hemacandra, Hemacandra

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'> This manuscript contains an anonymous <i>Avacūri</i> on the 8th chapter of the <i>Śabdānuśāsanalaghuvrṭṭi</i> by the 12th century polymath Hemacandra. The 8th chapter (<i>adhyāya</i>) is divided in four sections (<i>pāda</i>) dealing with phonetics, adverb, noun, verb and Prakrit dialects like Śaurasenī, Māghadhī, Paiśācī, Cūlikāpaiśācikā and Apabhraṃśa. The four stanzas after the final rubric beginning with <i>āsīd viśāṃ patir</i> on <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage();return false;'>folio 32r6</a> are printed in Pischel 1877: p. V. At the end is a <i>praśasti</i> in eleven stanzas given. It informs us about the layman Aulāsiṃha of the Prāgvaṭa family. From his wife, Meghādevī, he had one son Pethā who married Prīmaladevī. She gave birth to three sons: Maṇḍana, Karmaṇa and Dharma. Their wifes were respectively Harṣū, Lalakū and Āsū. Prīmaladevī commissioned this manuscript, after her husband had listened to the teaching of Somasundarasūri, who was a pontiff of the Tapāgaccha. Somasundarasūri was born in V.S.1430 and became <i>sūri</i> in V.S. 1457. The counsellor Nārada copied this text in the year V.S. 1472. </p>

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