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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Candraprajñapti


Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>The <i>Candraprajñapti</i> is the 7th Upāṅga of the Śvetāmbara canon, a work on cosmography which relates to the moon. This manuscript is especially remarkable as it belongs to a group of manuscripts commissioned by a piously active family. So far seven of them have been traced. See Balbir 2006, vol. 1, p. 144-146 for more details. This is a translation of the colophon by the second hand which informs us about two members of this family, namely the merchants Parabata and Kānha: In the year V.S. 1571 in [the month of] Pauṣa in the bright fortnight in the first on Monday. By the instruction of [the pontiff] Vivekaratnasūri, the leader of the eminent group, in the succession of [the pontiff] Jayānandasūri in the Āgamagaccha: The Upāṅgasūtra <i>Candraprajñapti</i> was commissioned for the good of the merchant Ḍūngara out of devotion for good knowledge by the merchants Parabata and Kānha. They are residents of the Gandhāramandira (a tīrtha around Broach on the coast in Gujarat), ornaments of the Prāgvāṭa line, excellent merchants, accomplished various tasks of merit, such as pilgrimages to sacred places, [belong to] the family of the merchant Pethaḍa and they illuminate the family of the merchant Ṭhāī. Being read may (this manuscript) be a source of joy. </p>

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