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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Śābdabodha


Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>The text contained in this manuscript is probably the same as the one referred to as an instance of "philosophy of grammar, or the logical relations of the several members of a sentence," in the <i>Notices of Sanskrit MSS</i> by Rājendralāla Mitra. While the present manuscript is complete, the text seems to be incomplete. The main text, divided into three sections, is a grammatical explanation of several exemplar sentences — added in the interlinear spaces and rubricated — from the <i>kāraka</i> section of the <i>Siddhānta Kaumudī</i>, a 17th-century Sanskrit grammar by Bhaṭṭoji Dīkṣita. For instance, the first sentence, glossing <i>droṇo vrīhiḥ</i>, reads <i>droṇābhinnaṃ yat parimāṇaṃ tat parichinno vrīhiḥ</i>, whereas Dīkṣita has <i>droṇarūpaṃ yat parimāṇaṃ tat paricchinno vrīhir ity arthaḥ</i> (Ray 1933, 9). From there, the main text departs from the text of the <i>Kaumudī</i>, and typifies the <i>śābdabodha</i> genre of grammatical analysis. Each exemplar is given a gloss that describes the different parts of the sentence. The exemplars roughly follow the order in which they appear in the <i>Kaumudī</i>, ending with <i>rudati rudate vā prābrājīt</i> (Ray 1933, 104), which appears near the end of the <i>kāraka</i> section. There is no colophon, but the title of the manuscript is written in Perso-Arabic script on the verso side of the last folio, and in Devanāgarī on the paper sleeve.</p>

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