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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Aṣṭāvakragītāṭīkā

Viśveśvara Paṇḍita

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>A paper manuscript of the <i>Aṣṭāvakragītāṭīkā</i>, a commentary (<i>ṭīkā</i>) on the <i>Aṣṭāvakragītā</i>, a metrical exposition of the doctrines of Advaita Vedānta written in the form of a conversation between the sage Aṣṭāvakra and the king Janaka. The manuscript is incomplete and ends abruptly in the eighteenth section (<i>prakaraṇa</i>). The commentator is Viśveśvara Paṇḍita, an Advaita scholar of uncertain date who studied under Mādhavaprājña and authored commentaries on independent Advaita Vedānta works, including the <i>Vākyavṛtti</i>, the <i>Ātmabodha</i> and the <i>Dṛgdṛśyaviveka</i>. </p>

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