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<p style='text-align: justify;'> This palm leaf manuscript dated to 1158 CE and written in Nepālākṣarā is the oldest extant manuscript to contain the still unpublished <i>Prāyaścittasamuccaya</i> of Hṛdayaśiva, a digest of passages on penance for Śaiva initiates selected from various Śaiva scriptures (a list of mentioned Śaiva texts is given by Bendall 1888: 550 and a more extensive list by Sanderson 2001: 4). There is no certain date for the composition of the text, but the verses at the end of the work, perhaps by Hṛdayaśiva himself (Goodall 1998: xliii, n. 98), give the spiritual lineage of the author (these verses have been edited by Sanderson 2001: 2, n. 1). There, Hṛdayaśiva is described as the disciple of a certain Īśvaraśiva, who, in turn, is in the spiritual lineage of an ascetic known as Lambakarṇa, who had moved from the Raṇipadraka monastery of the Mattamayūravaṃśa in Gwalior to the Gorāṭika monastery in the Paramāra capital Dhārā in Mālava, and performed the Śaiva initiation of the Paramāra king Sīyaka (Bendall 1888: 550, Goodall 1998: xliii, n. 98 and Sanderson 2001: 2-4, fn. 1). Based on this passage, Sanderson reconstructs that Hṛdayaśiva must have been active sometime between the eleventh century and the date of our manuscript , which thus serves as a <i>terminus ante quem</i>. The manuscript itself was commissioned by the Ācārya Udayasomaśarma and written by a certain Rājyapālaśīla in Bhaktapur during the reign of Ānandadeva. </p>

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