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Islamic Manuscripts : al-Qurʼān

Islamic Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>Fragment of an Abbasid Qur'ān probably written in the third or fourth century H. / ninth or tenth century C.E, containing verses 60-72 from Sura al-Anfal (سورة الأنفال); verses 7-49 from Sura al-Tawba (سورة التوبة); verses 61-111 from Sura al-Isrāʾ (سورة الإسراء); verses 1-24, 50-82, and 102-110 from Sura al-Kahf (سورة الكهف); verses 1-12, and 35-75 from Sura Maryam (سورة مريم); verses 63-112 from Sura al-Anbiyāʾ (سورة الأنبياء); verses 1-41 from Sura al-Ḥajj (سورة الحج); verses 11-29 from Sura al-Fatḥ (سورة الفتح); the complete Sura al-Ḥujurāt (سورة الحجرات); verses 1-6 from Sura Qāf (سورة ق); verses 32-55 from Sura al-Qamar (سورة القمر); the complete Sura al-Raḥman (سورة الرحمن), Sura al-Wāqiʿa (سورة الواقعة), Sura al-Ḥadīd (سورة الحديد), and Sura al-Mujādila (سورة المجادلة); and verses 1-24 from Sura al-Ḥashr (سورة الحشر).</p>

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