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Sanskrit Manuscripts : Mairāvaṇavadha, Sundarīkalyāṇa

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'>A modern multi-text Grantha manuscript containing two unpublished texts attributed to the sage Jaimini: <div>the <i>Mairāvaṇavadha</i> or <i>Hanumadvijaya</i>, in 62 <i>sarga</i>s (incomplete in 91 folios: folios 12 and 19 are missing);<br />the <i>Sundarīkalyāṇa</i>, complete in 13 <i>taraṅga</i>s. The title <i>Sundarīkalyāṇa</i>, which does not appear anywhere in the text, is conjectural: it is stated in the colophon of a work described in Adyar Vol. 13/2, No. 1016 (VB No. 1115), p. 150 (see under bibliography), that seems to be the same as the present text. The two titles given in the colophons of the present text, <i>Jaiminibhārata</i> and <i>Jaiminibhāgavata</i>, are both misleading, since the present text does not correspond to any extract of either the <i>Jaiminibhārata</i> (used as an alternative title for the work called also <i>Jaiminīyāśvamedha</i>) nor the <i>Jaiminibhāgavata</i>. These two titles are presumably mentioned in order to claim the affiliation of the present text to both the (hypothetical) Jaimini’s version of the <i>Bhārata</i> epic, and to the <i>Jaiminibhāgavata</i>, with respect to which the present text seems to be a sort of “supplement”. It is worth noting that in all the colophons the name Jaimini is spelled <i>jaimuni</i>.<br /></div><br /> We would like to acknowledge the fundamental help provided by prof. Christophe Vielle for the cataloguing of this manuscript. </p>

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