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<p style='text-align: justify;'>A modern multi-text manuscript containing five texts forming a <i>Compendium of <i>saṃskāra</i>s</i> ("rites de passage"): <div> <i>A digest of saṃskāra rites</i>: this text deals with the <i>saṃskāra</i>s from <i>jātakarma</i> to <i>caula</i> (folios 1 to 49), the <i>upanayana</i> (folios 50 to 56), the <i>gṛhapraveśa</i> (folio 74), and the <i>ṣāṇmāsaprāyaścitta</i> (folios 75 and 76); folios 57 to 73 are missing.<br /> <i>A list of rites relating to marriage</i>: this text, in just two folios (uninked and without foliation), is inserted between folios 22 and 23 of the preceding text.<br /> <i>Ṛgvedīyapuṇyāhavācana</i>: an auspicious and purificatory rite, which is performed especially for purifying the mother and the new-born children a few days after delivery.<br /> <i>Saṃskāra rites, from vivāha to samāvartana</i>: this text deals with the rites connected with marriage, pregnancy, the birth of a children, and all the subsequent <i>saṃskāra</i>s up to the <i>samāvartana</i>, which is celebrated when the boy completes his studies in the house of his preceptor and returns home.<br /> <i>Pitṛmedha</i>: a digest of funeral rites performed to honour the ancestors.<br /> </div><br /> </p>

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