Sanskrit Manuscripts : A collection of miscellaneous texts

Sanskrit Manuscripts

<p style='text-align: justify;'> A modern multi-text manuscript containing the following texts: <div><i>Sarpaśāntikalpa</i>: 15 folios, complete<br /><i>Aśvārūḍhā</i>: 1 folio, incomplete<br /><i>Unidentified text</i>: 2 folios, complete<br /><i>Texts on rituals for having progeny</i>: 18 folios, complete<br /><i>Śaiva devotional texts</i>: 23 folios, complete<br /><i>A digest of Gṛhya rituals</i>: 13 folios, incomplete (folios 47-49 are missing)<br /><i>Unidentified ritual text</i>: 2 folios (inserted after folio 46 of the preceding text), complete<br /><i>Fragment of the Taittirīya Āraṇyaka</i>, 10th <i>prapāṭhaka</i>: 1 folio, incomplete<br /><i>Unidentified Śaiva ritual text</i>: 1 folio, complete<br /><i>Cakravidhi</i>: 9 folios, complete<br /><i>Hariharaputrastotra</i>: 1 folio, complete<br /><i>Cakropaniṣad</i>: 14 folios, complete<br /><i>Chāgādipañcaka</i>: 1 folio, complete<br /><i>Śivarātryarghya</i>: 1 folio, complete<br /><i>Āpaduddhāraṇamahāmantra</i>: 1 folio, complete<br /><i>Caraliṅgapratiṣṭhā</i>: 2 folios, complete<br /><i>Tulasīvratakalpa</i>: 6 folios, complete<br /><i>Dhenupūjā</i>: 4 folios, complete<br /></div><br />The name of the former owner of this manuscript and a date are written (partly in Tamil script) in the colophon at the end of the <a href='' onclick='store.loadPage(1);return false;'><i>Cakravidhi</i></a>: the date (Rudhirotgārin Jovian year, Puraṭṭāci [= Skt. Kanyā] month, 14th day) may correspond to September 28th, 1803 CE or September 28th, 1863 CE or September 30th, 1923 CE; the name of the owner is Aryāsvāmi Dīkṣita.</p>

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