Sanskrit Manuscripts : Jaiminīya Dhāraṇalakṣaṇa, Jaiminīya Ūhagāna


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<p style='text-align: justify;'>A significantly old multi-text Grantha manuscript containing two Sāmavedic texts: the <i>Jaiminīya Dhāraṇalakṣaṇa</i> (or <i>Dhāraṇa</i>) ascribed to Sabhāpati , which essentially records the musical notations of the <i>Jaiminīya Prakṛtigāna</i>, i.e. of the <i>Grāmageyagāna</i> and <i>Āraṇyakagāna</i> (or <i>Āraṇa</i>), and the <i>Jaiminīya Ūhagāna</i>. Both texts are incomplete: 32 out of 165 folios of the <i>Dhāraṇalakṣaṇa</i> are missing (extant folios are: 5, 9-18, 20-22, 24-27, 29-32, 34-39, 42-49, 51-57, 60-62, 68, 70-74, 76, 78-98, 100-102, 107-128, 131-151, 153-165), while only the first, third, fifth and sixth folios of the <i>Ūhagāna</i> are still extant. The colophon of the <i>Dhāraṇalakṣaṇa</i> contains the date when the copy has been completed and the name of the scribe: the date corresponds to November 2nd, 1737 CE; the name of the scribe is Veṅkaṭābhū Śāstri. (We would like to acknowledge the fundamental help provided by prof. Asko Parpola for the cataloguing of this manuscript).</p>

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