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Cairo Genizah : Legal document: betrothal deed

Cairo Genizah

<p style='text-align: justify;'>Court records containing 4 betrothal contracts. Recto (a) is dated Thursday 9th Adar I 4693 (= 933 CE) in Damascus between Maymūna bat Ḥasan known as Ḥušim, and Baqā b. Moses known as Abū Kāmil. Witnessed by [El]qana b. Moses b. Benjamin ha-[Kohen] ([]קנה בר משה בר בינימין ה[]), [Elisha] b. Moses ha-[Kohen], Isaac b. Abraham (אצחק), [...] b. Isaac, Ḥasan b. Manṣur. Recto (b) is dated Thursday 16th (יו) Adar I 4693 (= 933 CE) in Damascus between Zahra bat Jacob ha-Kohen the scribe and Manṣūr b. Isaac b. Saʿīd b. Pinḥas. Witnessed by Bišr [b.] Ismāʿīl b. Ḥātim (אסמעיל בן חתים), Isaac b. Samuel b. Nihmī (נהמי), Saʿīd b. ʿUzayr Ṭavyomi (עזיר טביומי), Elisha b. Moses ha-Kohen, Samuel b. Solomon b. ʿUzayr (עזייר), [Ezra] Samuel b. Ezra, Moses b. Samuel b. Ḥātim, Nissin b. Savoy (נסין בן סבוי), David b. Aaron, Abraham the judge ha-Levi b. [...]. Verso (a) is dated Thursday 14th Adar II 4693 (= 933 CE) in Damascus between Tāmma bat Isaac (תאמה) and Hillel ha-Levi b. Aaron of Tiberias (called מעזיה). The bride’s representative is Moses b. Nissi. Witnessed by Bišr b. Ismāʿīl b. Ḥatim (בשר בן אסמעיל בן חתים), Moses b. Jacob, ʿAbbās (עבאס) b. Saʿīd, Samuel b. Menaḥ[em], Jacob ha-Kohen b. Judah b. Baruḵ, Simḥa b. Solomon. Verso (b) is dated Thursday 28th Adar II 4693 (= 933 CE) in Damascus between Hiba bat Jonah and ʿEli b. Wuhayb. Witnessed by Isaac b. Samuel b. Ni[hmi], Nissin b. Savoy, Joshua b. Ṣulḥ (שלח), Ezra b. Samuel b. Ezra, Aaron b. [Be]njamin b. Nihmi, Bišr b. Ḵalaf ha-Kohen, [Ab]raham b. ʿUṯman (עותמן), Ḥasan b. ʿImran (in Arabic script), and [Isaa]c b. Jacob ha-Kohen the scribe.</p>

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