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Cairo Genizah : List; Babylonian Talmud; Mišna; Bible; commentary; exercises; polemic; responsa

Saʿadya Gaʾon, Isaac al-Fāsī, Rashi, Ibn Gikatilla

Cairo Genizah

<p style='text-align: justify;'>Main text and marginalia represent two different textual entities, both in the hand of Joseph b. Jacob ha-Bavli Roš ha-Seder. The main text of f. 1r and 2v contains excerpts from various texts in different writing styles and sometimes the same passage is repeated in different writing styles, presenting samples of Joseph b. Jacob ha-Bavli’s writing in different styles. On f. 1r are a query and answer related to Babylonian Talmud, Roš ha-Šana, 16a, Mišna, Beraḵot 1:1, a passage from Sefer ha-Galuy by Saʿadya Gaʾon with some phrases repeated numerous times, Psalms 118:8-9, 6 written with vocalisation and cantillation and partially repeated without vocalisation, and the title מסכת ברכות repeated twice. F. 1v: a collection of materials related to Babylonian Talmud, Sukka, including a short commentary in Judaeo-Arabic and Rashi on Sukka 8b. F. 2r: Babylonian Talmud, Megilla 16a-16b. F. 2v contains passages from: Rashi on Babylonian Talmud, Soṭa 2a, a philosophical work in Judaeo-Arabic with some lines repeated more than once in different styles, Babylonian Talmud, Beraḵot 63a, Psalms 46:8, 118:6-7 and Ibn Gikatilla’s commentary on Job. In the margins, there are two book lists mentioning treatises of halaḵa, biblical commentaries, Talmudic tractates, Geʾonic responsa, and responsa by Isaac al-Fāsī.</p>

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