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Cairo Genizah : Legal document

Cairo Genizah

<p style='text-align: justify;'>Recto: deed in which Abī Saʿd Ephraim b. ʿEli ‘the Jew’ acquires the leasehold of a plot of land in Fusṭāṭ from Abū l-Futūḥ Ḡālib b. Fahd, the clerk in charge of government foundations, under the supervision of Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. ʿUbaydallāh al-Qāʾifī. The property’s boundaries abut the cemetery, a plot rented by Abū l-Ṭāhir b. al-Bayān, a plot rented by ʿAdwa bint ʿAskar, and the house of Ibn ʿAbd al-Ḥākim. Dated Ṣafar 509 AH (= July 1115 CE), and witnessed by Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. ʿUbaydallāh al-Qāʾifī, Ibrahim b. Aḥmad b. Manṣūr, Al-Ḥusayn b. Musāfir b. al-Ḥusayn b. Muḥammad, ʿAlī b. Ḥusayn b. Hibatallāh, and Muršid b. Yaḥyā Ibn al-Qāsim al-Madanī. Verso: Ephraim’s son, Abū l-Ḥusayn ʿEli b. Ephraim b. ʿEli, ‘the Jewish sawduster’, transfers the leasehold of the property to his son ʿAlī, by way of his uncle Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. Ḥusayn, known as Ibn Ḥayyūn ‘the cashier’. Dated Šaʿbān 532 AH (= May 1138 CE). Witnessed by Muḥammad b. ʿAlī b. Aḥmad b. Muḥammad al-Qāʾifī and Hibatallāh b. Yaḥyā b. Muḥammad b. Jābir.</p>

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