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<p style='text-align: justify;'>This is a scrapbook of printed and handwritten ephemera in a scroll. The first three items are printed sheets of Ryūkyūjin gyōretsu 琉球人行列 (Processions of Ryūkyūans) including illustrations: the scroll itself is provisionally named 'Ryūkyūjin gyōretsu'. However, this scroll contains printed and hand written materials on other subjects as well.</p> <p style='text-align: justify;'>Probably this scrapbook was compiled by 土井利恒 (Doi Toshitsune or Doi Toshitsugu) during the Bunsei 文政 period (1818-1830).</p> <p style='text-align: justify;'>Ryūkyū (Okinawa prefecture) was a independent kingdom until 1872. After the invasion of Ryūkyū by the Satsuma-han 薩摩藩 (the Fief of Satsuma) in 1634, the Mission of Ryūkyū (琉球使節) was dispatched to Edo 江戸 (Tokyo) 18 times before 1850.</p> <p style='text-align: justify;'>The following items are included (Hayashi Nozomu & Peter Kornicki: Early Japanese Books in Cambridge University Library: a Catalogue of the Aston, Satow and Von Siebold Collections):</p> <div> 1. (御免)琉球人行列附 〔寛政〕刊 (江戸、林屋茂兵衛)<br /> 2. (御免)琉球人行列附 寛政8刊 (江戸、三河屋半兵衛・清水屋治兵衛)<br /> 3. (御免)琉球人行列附 文化3刊 (江戸、山城屋善八・松代屋八三郎)<br /> 4. (京都御名代)松平讃岐守様、道中百万石之格式 〔文化文政頃〕刊<br /> 5. (4の行列について前句附) 〔文政頃〕写<br /> 6. 家伝日光丸(効能書) 〔文政頃〕写<br /> 7. ういろう売せりふ 〔文政頃〕写<br /> 8. 大坂開帳霊宝品々 (戯文) 〔文政頃〕写<br /> 9. 以下、紙背裏打戯文写本貼交 〔文政頃〕写<br /> </div><br />

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