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Contributors to the Cambridge Digital Library


Under the leadership of Dr Leonard Polonsky and as part of its International Digitisation Project, The Polonsky Foundation has provided major funding towards the development of the digital library's infrastructure and the digitisation of content for its Foundations of Faith and Foundations of Science collections.

Jisc awarded a grant to Cambridge University Library and the Newton Project at the University of Sussex for the Windows on Genius project (Jisc e-Content Programme 2011). This project has enabled the linking of Newton's facsimiles and transcriptions. Jisc also funded the Board of Longitude Collection (JISC Content Programme 2011-2013) a collaboration with the National Maritime Museum and Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge. This project created a substantial collection related to 18th century science an technology.

The digitisation of the Taylor-Schechter Cairo Genizah Collection has been sponsored by the Jewish Manuscript Preservation Society, the Friedberg Genizah Project Inc., and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.

The cataloguing and digitisation of the Sanskrit Collection and Spanish Chapbooks have been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.

The digitisation of the Darwin-Hooker letters has been funded through a grant to the Darwin Correspondence Project from the National Science Foundation.

Digital Library Team

  • Grant Young, Head of Digital Content Programme
  • Huw Jones, Project Manager and Metadata Specialist
  • Pete Johnston, Metadata Specialist
  • Jennie Fletcher, Lead Software Engineer
  • Gilleain Torrance, Senior Software Engineer
  • Chris Stokoe, Senior Research Associate in Text Mining
  • Andy Corrigan, Content Editor

Digitisation Team

  • Don Manning, Head of Imaging Services
  • Les Goody, Senior Photographer
  • Maciej Pawlikowski, Senior Photographer
  • Nancy Buck, Photographer
  • Annie Casciano, Photographer
  • Rachel Johnson, Photographer
  • Blazej Mikula, Photographer
  • Mark Scudder, Photographer

Conservation Team

  • James Bloxam, Head of Conservation
  • Alan Farrant, Former Head of Conservation
  • James Bloxam, Conservator
  • Lucy Cheng, Conservator
  • Deborah Farndell, Conservator
  • Ngaio Vince-Dewerse, Conservator

Newton Papers Collection

  • Adam Perkins, Curator of Scientific Manuscripts
  • Rob Iliffe, Editorial Director of the Newton Project and Professor of Intellectual History and History of Science, University of Sussex and other members of the Newton Project team for the transcriptions.

Islamic Manuscripts

  • Yasmin Faghihi, Joint-Head of Near and Middle Eastern Department
  • Catherine Ansorge, Joint-Head of Near and Middle Eastern Department
  • Ignacio Sanchez, Specialist Cataloguer

Cairo Genizah Collection

Sanskrit Manuscripts

  • Dr Vincenzo Vergiani, Principal Investigator and Lecturer in Sanskrit, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Daniele Cuneo, Research Associate
  • Dr Camillo Formigatti, Research Associate

Spanish Chapbooks

  • Professor Alison Sinclair, Principal Investigator and Professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History, University of Cambridge
  • Sonia Morcillo-GarcĂ­a, Hispanic Specialist Cataloguer

Treasures of the Library Collection

  • Dr Patrick Zutshi, Keeper of Manuscripts and University Archives
  • Ed Potten, Head of Rare Books
  • Professor Paul Binski, Professor of the History of Medieval Art, University of Cambridge
  • Professor David Parker, Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology and Director of the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, University of Birmingham

Hebrew Manuscripts

  • Catherine Ansorge, Joint-Head of Near and Middle Eastern Department, Cambridge University Library
  • Ben Outhwaite, Head of the Genizah Research Unit

Christian Works

  • Dr Patrick Zutshi, Keeper of Manuscripts and University Archives
  • Ed Potten, Head of Rare Books
  • Jayne Ringrose, Cambridge University Library

Board of Longitude Collection

  • Simon Schaffer, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge
  • Lucinda Blaser, Digital Project Manager, Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Richard Dunn, Senior Curator and Head of Science and Technology, Royal Museums Greenwich

Darwin-Hooker Collection

  • Professor Jim Secord, Director, Darwin Correspondence Project
  • Dr Alison Pearn, Associate Director, Darwin Correspondence Project

Peterhouse Manuscripts

  • Scott Mandelbrote, Director of Studies in History, and Perne Librarian, Peterhouse
  • Professor Kari Anne Rand, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo
  • Seb Falk, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Sassoon Journals

  • Dr Emma Saunders, Archivist, Cambridge University Library
  • John Wells, Curator of Literary Archives, Cambridge University Library

Japanese Works

  • Noboru Koyama, Japanese Department, Cambridge University Library

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