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Longitude Essays

Here are several ways of finding the Longitude; some of them certainly will be right, tho' they have never appeared in any publication" Richard Judson, clerk of Beverley in Yorkshire, 15 May 1805
Papers of the Board of Longitude

This collection of essays provide a rich contextual background to the Longitude material available on the Digital Library. Covering a wide range of subject matter and fully linked into the other Longitude collections, they are intended as both a guide and a map to the collection.

The essays include short biographies of key figures in the history of the Board, such as Nevil Maskelyne, John Harrison and Joseph Banks, explanation of key terms and concepts, such as dead reckoning and magnetic variation, and studies of specific instruments such as the artificial horizon and marine chair.

All essays are fully integrated into the Digital Library's search, and link back out to relevant items in our collections.

These essays have been temporarily removed from the site and will be available again as soon as possible.


Under the leadership of Dr Leonard Polonsky and as part of its International Digitisation Project, The Polonsky Foundation has provided major funding towards the development of the digital library's infrastructure.
Content of this collection has been funded by Jisc as part of its Content Programme 2011-13.

Includes content from the collections of the National Maritime Museum, Royal Museums Greenwich.