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Mycenae Site Photographs


Site photographs comprise the excavated areas of Mycenae that were not principally associated with funerary archaeology. Wace took the majority of the photographs himself in 1920-1923. For this period, the archive also holds small photographs that were annotated by C.A. Bo√ęthius in pencil on the verso. They appear to be his personal snaps, an informal memento, never intended for official publication. However, a century later, they provide a valuable extra layer of information and an alternative viewpoint of archaeological features long since back-filled and disappeared from view.  

Wace and other members of the team continued to provide the photography in subsequent seasons. However, notably in 1952, the services of the Greek photographer Nikolaos Tombazis were employed (MCNE-3-2-11-23) and in 1955 the American photographer Robert McCabe visited the site and documented it through his lens (MCNE-3-1-07-8).

Photographs are grouped by site area, beginning with General Views of the entire citadel as seen from afar, followed by areas within the citadel itself, sequentially moving beyond the citadel walls to the Ivory Houses and beyond.

Bibliographic references are supplied for the initial publication of a photograph.  Subsequent publications of a photograph are normally not given, unless it was a publication written or edited by A.J.B. Wace himself.