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Mycenae Small Finds Photographs


The 'Small finds' category generally describes here all portable excavated items, the vast majority of which are ceramic objects (mostly pots), but also include items made of ivory, metal, glass, wood and faience. Images of larger, monumental artefacts, such as stone grave stelae and stone 'horns of consecration', reside with site photographs (specifically ‘Tomb Photographs’).

1920-1923 items are separated into finds found in the chamber tombs and those excavated in the rest of the site. For the chamber tombs, items are arranged in sequence of ascending tomb number, not as Wace published them (which was according to their North and South bank location). For the remainder of the material, items are arranged in the order they appear published in the Annual of the British School at Athens (volumes XXIV and XXV). 

For the seasons 1939, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1955, items are arranged in excavation number order, thanks in no small part to Helen Wace’ immense gift and indefatigable energy for organising and documenting excavated material. If two or more items feature in an image, the lower value number dictates the image's place in the sequence. If the object was photographed or re-photographed some years after excavation, the image remains identified by the featured object's excavation year.

If known, and to aid cross referencing, the museum accession numbers of the excavated objects are also given. ‘Nauplion' stands for the Archaeological Museum of Nauplion (Nafplio), from where finds were subsequently moved to the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae upon its completion in 2003. 'Athens' stands for the National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece.

Bibliographic references are supplied for the initial publication of a photograph.  Subsequent publications of a photograph are normally not given, unless it was a publication written or edited by A.J.B. Wace himself.