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Mycenae Tomb Photographs


This sub collection features photographs from the three principal types of funerary archaeology that the British team excavated at Mycenae: chamber tombs, tholos tombs, and graves in the Prehistoric cemetery, which includes the area around Grave Circle A within the citadel itself and extends to the north-west towards and beyond the Hellenistic city walls.

Tholos tombs are presented according to A.J.B. Wace’s sequence of their construction, the earliest group of three being the Cyclopean, Epano Phournos, and Aegisthus tomb (1600-1500 BCE), followed by Panagia, Kato Phournos, and Lion tomb (1500-1400 BCE). The third group, dating to ca. 1400-1300 BCE, features the Genii/Perfect tholos, the Treasury of Atreus and Tomb of Clytemnestra, which was partially overbuilt a millennium later by the Hellenistic theatre. 

Bibliographic references are supplied for the initial publication of a photograph.  Subsequent publications of a photograph are normally not given, unless it was a publication written or edited by A.J.B. Wace himself.