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1600: Thomas Hobson sued for debt by Robert Hughes


Robert Hughes versus Thomas Hobson in the Vice-Chancellor's Court

In February and March 1600, Robert Hughes, yeoman, brought an action against Hobson for non-payment of a debt secured by bond in 1584. The original debt was £100, the penalty for failure to pay within 13 months (the ‘penal sum’ in legal parlance) was £200. The Vice-Chancellor's Court issued a summons for Hobson to attend which he at first ignored. The original bond was produced in court a week later and Hobson appeared and swore he had settled. Thereafter, Hughes withdrew his claim.

The records digitised here comprise:

• Act Book entries recording the progress of the case, 18 February–3 March 1599/1600 (classmark: UA VCCt.I.4)

• Viis et modis or summons for Thomas Hobson to appear in court, 18 February 1599/1600 (classmark: UA VCCt.III.8/85)

• Bond of Thomas Hobson and William Pecke, 1 December 1584 (classmark; UA VCCt.III.8/84).

Except for entries in the Act Book and a pro forma document summoning the defendant, all records are transcribed. Latin abbreviations have been extended; spelling and punctuation transcribed as seen. 

For an outline of the jurisdiction and procedure of the University courts, and the methodology employed in presenting records online, see the introduction to this CUDL collection.