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1619: Thomas Hobson permitted to assist in sorting and carrying away the goods of Jonas Nash, deceased


On 21 June 1619, the Vice-Chancellor's Court authorised Hobson to assist Jonas Nash, a minor, son of Jonas Nash, chandler, deceased, in inventorying and removing his father’s goods and chattels. This may not have been a strictly business-related matter. Earlier in the year, Thomas Hobson had been described as guardian of Jonas Nash in a debt cause brought against Martha Ellborough, widow and administrator of William Ellborough1.

The Chancellor had successfully claimed probate of the wills of members of the University and others providing service to the University, known as privileged persons, from at least the early fourteenth century. Although technically the Chancellor's Court, by the sixteenth century the Vice-Chancellor presided. Jonas Nash of St Edward’s parish was a chandler and privileged person. He died in 1609. His will survives among the probate records of the court, together with a will transcript, administration bond and inventory2.

For an outline of the jurisdiction and procedure of the University courts, and the methodology employed in presenting records online, see the introduction to this CUDL collection.



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